Santana's POV at life

I introduced my bff Mandy to naturism

It’s been a while, but Santana is back with a new story. We hope you enjoy!

Curiosity will always win from fear.

When Harmen and I were still in the beginning of our relationship I told my friends and family about him being a naturist. After a while I also became a naturist and we started with the blogs later that year. With that being said, my friend Mandy started asking questions about it. I always answered them with full honesty and I could really sense her curiosity. She even joked about joining me to our favorite naturist resort Flevonatuur. Untill yesterday…

She was spending the night at our place because we didn’t see each other in a while. Harmen also had a chance to sleep at home so we had a great night with lots of talks and laughs with the three of us. At one moment we were standing in the backyard talking about what we could do today. Mandy suggested swimming and I answered that I had never visited the local pool here. And then, out of the blue, she suggested to go to Flevonatuur. I was totally flabbergasted and asked her if she was kidding. She said that she was too curious and therefor her suggestion was serious. I totally didn’t expect that, but okay, we would go swimming at Flevonatuur. Harmen and I both thought she would back down but she didn’t, so thumbs up for that.

It was a bit after that lunch that we packed our things and started on our car trip towards Flevonatuur. Even in the car I asked her several times if she was sure, but she gave no notice of having second doubts. So I asked her what her expectations were, but she really had no idea and would just jump in and experience the moment itself. Almost the same like my first time with Harmen. Once we arrived at Flevonatuur we already saw the first naturists of the day on our way towards the pool. Mandy walked around like she was a visitor for years and didn’t show any fear. Actually, when we arrived at the pool, she was even faster with undressing than I was haha. I also had to undress Jaxson but before that was finished she was already waiting butt naked behind us. We found two comfortable chairs and placed our stuff there. Straight after that we took a nice shower and entered the swimming pool for a nice swim. She said she expected it to be different. She expected that everyone would look at her, but instead she discovered that she was the one looking around to make sure nobody was looking at her. But after a while she became more calm and really started enjoying the swimming without any clothing.

Because the water wasn’t the warmest temperature you could think of, it became a bit cold for Jaxson to stay in the water so we returned to our spot and settled down on our chairs. We were both getting a bit hungry so we decided to go to the restaurant. Mandy asked if it was allowed to be nude in the restaurant aswell and I said that it was okay, as long as you bring a towel to sit on because of hygiene. She decided to keep the towel around her, which is okay obviously and after a nice lunch we went back to our spot and relax a bit. I breastfed Jaxson, we talked a bit and then decided to go back home, also because after arriving at our place she still had a long car trip to her own home.

After we got dressed we walked back to the car. On our way to the car we came across someone on a bicycle. She said it was the first time she saw a naked person on a bike and thought it was funny but also very normal for people that live a naturist lifestyle. Later in the car we made a small review of the day.

She told me that she simply wanted to experience it, mainly because Harmen and I are so open and positive about it. She was so curious and really wanted to see what it was. She also said that she liked it but that it would probably be a once in a lifetime thing for her. Swimming with clothes on, or keeping clothes on in general was more her thing. That’s her opinion and we totally respect that of course. I do however think it’s really sweet of her to try it at least, to know how I live my life. That’s what true friends are for.

Sweety, Harmen and I are amazingly proud of you. Thanks for trying it out and being open minded about it. It was a lovely experience.

Mandy indeed made very clear that it’ll be nothing more for her than this day. But she’s glad she did it and we are glad that she’ll have a better opinion about our lifestyle now, simply by trying it out. Live and let live.

Santana's POV at life

Looking back by Santana

I think it’s safe to say that this was my year. In 2016 I met the love of my life, who is not only my biggest love, but also my best friend! It clicked from the first moment and it was very clear that we were meant for eachother. 

2016, the year I met another great love. A love that came with the package, but wouldn’t have missed for the world. A very precious lady, Harmen’s daughter. Harmen and I look forward to make her the best big sister there is and give her all the love she wants and deserves. 

2016, the year where I got to experience naturism. Something I never thought about. When I met Harmen, I told him it was something I would never do! But my curiosity won, so I asked Harmen if he wanted to take me to Flevonatuur to find out what naturism was for myself. And I loved it! Since that moment there was no way back for me. And now I’m promoting naturism together with Harmen. 

2016, the year where I had to say goodbye to certain people, who I thought cared about me, but eventually didn’t. After a lot of stress about that I decided to let it go. Which really helped because I don’t care about it anymore. Who doesn’t accept me for who I am can f*ck off. 

2016, the year where we met a lot of new friends. Naturist friends and textile friends. It feels great to be loved so much. We love you all!

2016, the year I found out what it’s like to really miss someone. I never knew it was this hard to not be around the person you wanna be with 24/7. The missing will stay every week of our lives, but talking with eachother by phone or whatsapp everyday, makes it a bit more acceptable. 

2016, the year where I learned to give and receive love. I never experienced this much love. I learned what it’s like to never have a fight or an argument and what it’s like to think the same about almost everything. It’s also the year I found out that a lot relations aren’t like ours and that there’s always something wrong in those relations. Never thought I could recognize these things. 

2016, the year we found out that we are pregnant. We are so lucky this year, I hope 2017 will be just as great as this year. It will atleast be the year that our little one will be born. 

2016, the year where I left the area where I was born and grown. Something I never thought, I always said I would never leave that place. But my love for Harmen won and together with him I’m really making it a home instead of a house. 

This are just some of many reasons that 2016 really was my year. I wouldn’t have missed it for the world. And all the people I love made this possible. Many thanks for that. I love you all. Let’s hope 2017 will be just as great!

Best wishes and happy new year! ❤️

Santana's POV at life

Sharing my naturist lifestyle

Santana is back with another story about her life. This time she’ll be talking about reactions from her loved ones, after they found out that she started the naturist lifestyle and the way that she shares that with the world. Enjoy reading her story, I found a nice quote online which describes her story pretty good. 

As you all have seen already, Harmen and I take a lot of pictures of our naturist lifestyle. We share these photos with friends and family but with other naturists aswell. We do this to promote naturism and to show how nice it is to be a naturist. 

Unfortunately this isn’t accepted by everyone. Especially by some of my friends and family. Because Harmen is naturist for a big part of his life, most people that are close to him don’t ask questions about why he does what he does. Me however, am new to this naturist lifestyle and some of my friends and family are having troubles seeing me live this lifestyle. It’s hard for them to accept it, especially that I share nude pictures of myself with the world. My ” best ” friend gave up on our friendship when she found out that I was naturist and made pictures of it. She didn’t want to be confronted with it and was afraid my pictures would be used for other things. 

I could discuss it as much as I wanted to, but I couldn’t convince her that this lifestyle really made me happy. Until the moment I told her that naturists online are the same as on the nude beach or in the swimming pool. I said it was the ultimate feeling of freedom for me and that I really accepted myself because of it. Something she knew I never did before. I always thought I was fat and ugly. She was happy for me that I felt that way but again pointed out that she wasn’t happy with the photos online. I didn’t bother to start the discussion again and let it be. 

My family shares this opinion with her. They also think I shouldn’t put my photos on the Internet. Especially my father doesn’t like it at all. He knows Harmen and I take a lot of photos and it’s on a regular base that he scrolls thru my photos to see what kind of photos we made. He really doesn’t like us sharing it with the world but he accepts it. Simply because Harmen and I explained that we only do it to promote naturism. ( so not because we like to show our naked bodies so badly ). My father doesn’t speak or read English so he has never read one of Harmen his blogs. Other people do and they tell my father that there are new nude photos of me online. Something that bothers him a lot, so much that he forbid me to place anymore photos online. 

He was afraid the pictures would be used on porn websites. Well I really don’t know why porn websites would use our photos, because there’s no sexual vibe around them whatsoever. I was at Harmens place when he forbid me to place the pictures. I told him I would stop and that we would talk about it when I was back home ( we didn’t make any new photos untill that conversation ). A few days later I got home and talked with my father. I told him that we felt good sharing these photos and that the reactions were overwhelming positive. There were already photos of us online so I didn’t see the point of stopping making new ones. I told him that we wouldn’t stop doing what we do and that if people had any issues with it, they could contact us or block us. 

The family from my fathers side shares his opinion. I told them the same thing I told my father. I’m not gonna change for them. I’m happy with the life I’m living and that includes photos. People that have troubles with it can easily block me or don’t read the blogs. We did however decide to keep the pictures on Facebook on a minimum as a sign of respect towards my family. My mother by the way, doesn’t bother it at all. She tells me several times that I have nothing to be ashamed of, that I’m beautiful and that the blogs are awesome to read. Anyway, I thought this was a very interesting subject. What do you think? And does it sound familiar? What was your reaction when friends and family had issues with your nude photos and/or naturist lifestyle? Let us know. 

Love Santana ❤️

Santana's POV at life

Falling in love with a naturist…

I asked my girlfriend Santana how it was for her, to fall in love with a naturist guy while she had never thought of doing naturism herself. Here is her story, in her own words. Uncut. Enjoy. 

I met Harmen on a dating app called Badoo. We talked about everything, like things we like to do. In the app, there’s an option to have private photos. I asked Harmen if I could see them. He gave me access almost instantly. I opened the map and couldn’t believe my eyes. I saw Harmen…. Naked! ( most of these pics are used in my first blog: How naturism changed my life ) I didn’t expect these kind of photos and didn’t know how to react. Sure he mentioned a few times his love for naturism, but blue as I was, I wasn’t expecting those kind of photos on his Badoo profile. 

While watching at his photos, my respect for him grew. I told him this immediately. I said it wasn’t something I would do myself, but that I had big respect about the way he opened up towards other people about his lifestyle and how he shared his lifestyle so openly. We started our conversation about naturism. Now I’m the kind of person that appreciates people for who they are. I’m not judging someone because their ” different ” from other people. Harmen told me that he was promoting naturism a lot. And by doing that he had to show what naturism was really about. So that was his explanation for the nude photos. He mentioned an example that made it very clear for me instantly. He said: ” It’s hard to tell people how great Coca Cola is, when you’re wearing a Pepsi shirt. ” The same goes for telling people what naturism is about. So that’s how he told me how he discovered naturism and why he liked it so much. 

And even though I had nothing at all with naturism, this didn’t stop me from meeting him in real life. A few days later, must’ve been around 8pm, I send him a message if he would like me to come over. First he thought I was joking, but when I told him that I wasn’t joking he said that he would like to meet me in real life. So I stepped in to the car and drove to Emmeloord ( 1,5 hour drive ), where he lives. We talked and talked and even though I mentioned several times I wasn’t making it very late, it became 3 am before I went back home. When I got home, I couldn’t sleep immediately. I was still talking with Harmen and I had a very good feeling about it. My feelings for Harmen were getting stronger every day and we dated a view times more. 

It was March 30 of 2016 when we decided to share our feelings for each other and make it official. We got into a relationship together. That day is still one of the best days of my life. I didn’t care Harmen was a naturist and let him do his thing. He loved being naked when he was at home so I let him be himself. Within a week my curiosity was growing though, so at one day I took my clothes off and sat next to him on the couch. From the moment I was sitting I felt liberated and free. No tight or twisted cloths. Nothing. Harmen looked at me and he was so proud. He asked me how I felt sitting on a couch like this and I said it didn’t bother me at all. Actually it was a pretty nice feeling. I asked him questions about naturism which he answered immediately in a very clear way. I asked him if he could take me to Flevonatuur once. He looked at me and couldn’t believe his ears. He asked me if I really meant it because he would love showing that place and the atmosphere over there to me. 

We didn’t wait very long, so two weeks later we went to Flevonatuur. I was pretty calm and relaxed. Not knowing what to expect. The only things I knew, was that there were naked people and a swimming pool. I decided that I wouldn’t make myself crazy with ideas of what it could be like so I jumped in. Letting it all happen. Once we arrived at the parc, we were walking towards the swimming pool and Harmen asked me how I felt and if I really wanted to do this. Which I answered with a big fat yes because I can’t judge it without trying it first myself. While we were walking to the swimming pool we were passing some people already and even though it didn’t scare me I couldn’t help thinking why they were sitting on a bike naked. Doesn’t that hurt I asked myself. I let it go and kept walking. When we arrived at the swimming pool we took our shoes off. We walked thru a door and there was my first scare. There weren’t any cabins to get undressed! I expected a lot, but one thing I didn’t expect was that there was one big room where everybody, young or old, male or female, was getting undressed. Even though it surprised me that much, I accepted it and got undressed. We walked to the pool and put our bags at some chairs. Harmen asked me if I was feeling comfortable and if I wanted to go for a swim. 

From the moment I stepped in to the pool area I felt relaxed. Nobody was staring or scanning my body. So I decided to go for a swim with him. We took a shower to get the dirt off and walked in to the water. While swimming it didn’t feel any different for me then from when I was swimming in my bikini. And since I love swimming, I loved and enjoyed this aswell. After swimming for a while we decided to go for a smoke. Then we went swimming some more and stayed in the sauna for a while. After that we decided to leave, since it was already pretty late when we arrived at the parc. It was around diner time when we left and while walking to the car Harmen asked me several times what I thought of it. He saw I felt comfortable and told me I had nothing to be ashamed of. I really had a nice time that day. 

Since that day, we visited Flevonatuur many times more. We even went there when it was Natupop ( it’s a naturist festival that’s once a year ), which was pretty cool to do. I’ve had never seen this many naked people together. And one thing I noticed that everybody treats eachother like they would like to be treated themselves. Everybody respects eachother and helps someone out where needed. We even had a drink at some people we met on Facebook. The conversations were getting very trusted and it felt like we knew them for 10 years already. Amazing!

I try to visit Harmen once a week when he’s working in the Netherlands. And when the weather is good we visit a nude beach nearby. Just enjoying our time together in our naked butts. I didn’t mind being naked anymore and because Harmen told me many times how beautiful I was and that I had nothing to be ashamed of, the naturist inside me was awaken. Now I love it to be naked and I even let Harmen take nude pictures of me to share with the world. Actually, most of the time it’s me bringing up the idea to go to a nude beach. I never thought I would do this, knowing I told him in the beginning I had so much respect for him how he was doing what he did, but that it wasn’t something I would do. Luckily my curiosity was bigger then my shame. I’m happy I’m a naturist and I’m not going back to my old life. As long as it’s with Harmen because I can’t see myself doing this on my own for now. 

I hope you guys liked reading how I became a naturist. Once again it’s very clear that you shouldn’t judge someone before you tried it yourself. Thank you ❤️. 

This was Santana’s story of how she fell in love with a naturist and became a naturist herself. We hope you enjoyed.