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A life changing decision. What does that mean for BareThoughts? #ChannelUpdate

Hey guys, it’s been awhile since there has been some news around this blog, but a lot of things have happened in our personal life and obviously this will affect Bare Thoughts aswell. In this update I’ll try to explain why and what is going to happen with this channel in 2018 but also in these last few weeks of 2017. If, after reading this, you still got questions, feel free to ask them, I’m happy to reply to you all.

It all starts with one of the biggest decisions in my life: I’m quitting the international truckerslife. I’ve done it for 11 years now and I love it a lot, but lately my body is telling me that it’s enough. The switching working hours, long days, stress and food are taking it’s toll, especially since I have Crohn’s disease and my energy is really going down the drain. Luckily I found a company where I can work steady hours and max 5 days a week. Also a big plus: I’ll be home every day so more time with the family. The new job will still be on the road, you can’t get me of the road that easy, but more close by and no more sleeping in the truck. We as a family are very happy with the decision I made.

But what does this exactly mean for Bare Thoughts? Well, I can say that there will be some changes. The new job, that will start in December, is nightshifts. I start around 1am and will be finished around 11:30am. This means a lot of naked time at home in the sun you would think. And partial that’s true. But in the time at home I also have to sleep at daytime and also take care of little Jaxson when Santana is working. But that I will be having more natural naked time than the last 11 years is a fact. And yes, I want to share that with you. You as a diehard reader or you as a textile who’s interested in a new way of life. So that won’t change. actually, as things are looking like they are right now, I want to concentrate more on the home naturist diary.

So instead of making it a weekend diary, I’m thinking of making it a week diary. How I’m going to do that is still work in progress but I can assure that the diary will be back, more detailed and more regular. To show you all how normal naturism at home can be.

And then there is our online comic. As you already noticed, it isn’t as regular as we hoped it would be. First the struggles with technical issues and now lack of time and inspiration, made us decide to stop the online comic immediately. The Facebookpage where the four episodes can be found aswell, will be removed December 31st. Here at WordPress the comics that are already up, will stay online. But there won’t be any new ones as of today. I regret it a lot, that it didn’t go the way I thought about it when I started it, but I’m man enough to accept my failures and I consider this as a failure. So sorry for that. I hope the episodes we made gave you enough joy for the time being.

So yeah that’s about it. 2018 will mostly be about our life as a home naturist. Of course we will also write about other stuff like beaches, naturism in general and body confidence. We hope you’ll still stay with us and if you’re new: Welcome!

Lovely greetings from Harmen & Santana ❤️

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Health update Harmen

Today we got the official confirmation that I’m diagnosed with Crohn’s disease. This is something that can’t be cured, only controlled with the use of medication and some drastic life changes. From what I was told I have a pretty heavy form of it so I have to change a lot of things that I’m used to do for years. I have to stop smoking, change the way I eat and what I eat, take medication and take more rest ( sleeping hours ). Also there is a chance I have to go to the hospital some times or in the worst case, get an operation. Luckily I’m still able to do my job, the medication I’m going to use is allowed in traffic. 

And even though this will stay the rest of my life an ongoing thing, which will effect not only me, but also santana, we are thinking very positive about our future. As you all know we are both very optimistic people and focus on the things we can still do in combination with this disease, instead of looking at the offers we have to bring. 

I announced this earlier today on our twitter and the reactions were overwhelming. It’s great to see so much love from our followers, a lot of them follow us for years now, some of them just a few days, but the love and the message you’ve all send out to us was the same and very welcome. That’s why I like to say to all of you, that even though I will have to bring a lot of offers to find a way to live with Crohn, I won’t stop with fighting for the future of naturism worldwide. I won’t stop fighting for a better self image of any insecure people and I won’t stop fighting for more spreading of love, faith and joy. We keep on blogging for you in the future, we keep making comics for you and we keep listening to your questions, doubts or issues. Because the support you guys give us is really giving us a lot of strength and love which is hard to put in to words. Just take me for my word that we really appreciate it from the bottom of our hearts. 

Thanks for all the support, interest and loving messages. Talk to you guys soon ❤️. 

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Online comic coming soon!

Hey guys. Got some interesting news. Next to our blogs, Santana and I are also working on an online comic. It’ll be short independent stories brought with humor. They will be posted here, on Twitter, on and maybe on Facebook. I hope you guys will enjoy and am looking forward for your feedback. 

Also, in a recent poll on Twitter, it became very clear that the majority wants to see more home naturist diaries this year, so we will be working on that aswell. 

Thank you all for the interest, support, feedback and personal reactions. We really appreciate it. 
Talk to you soon ❤. 

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Making a difference…honest, open and nude

This isn’t gonna be a blog like my other ones. Because this time I’m talking about you instead of about me. The reason for that is that the Twitter account, where I share these blogs, reached 600 followers. And that deserves a thank you. A thank you to you. My WordPress readers that have been here from the start, the people that read this because they saw my blogs thru Twitter, Facebook, and the people from my personal life, that started reading them out of interest and kept reading them. 

Let’s start with some numbers. I started this WordPress page on August 14th after posting a personal message from me to the world on Facebook. That post got so much positive reactions, that Jason from The Naturist Page encouraged me to start a blog and see how it would go. Now the last time that I really took the time to write a story was when I was 9 or 10 and it were all fiction stories. So how was I going to do this? Because the post on Facebook was received so positively, by people from around the world, I decided to write in that style. English, but not to difficult, add pictures for a better view of what I was talking about and really write from my point of view. To keep it as most personal as possible. I made a WordPress page, copy/pasted my Facebook post, made some adjustments and my first blog was born ( How naturism changed my life ). 

Wordpress has a tab where it shows statistics of the blogs you post. These statistics tell me that my first blog had the biggest amount of readers in one day. 930 total on August 17th. The reactions were overwhelming and it was shared on a lot of platforms. Not only by you but also by some major naturist promoters and federations. Something I never would’ve guessed. Could I really make a difference with this? Something I was trying with 2Bare2Wear for over a year, reaching people to spread the message about naturism, successfully worked with one blog. I had to continue to see where it would go. 

Well it exploded I can tell you. This page is almost 3 months old and the numbers that I can give you are these:

– 34 blogs ( this one not included )

– 10.729 unique visitors


– Countless private messages

– 6 Home Naturist chapters 

– 2 readers that I met in real life after starting this 

– 1 Clothesfreelife award ( More than pics blog )

But enough about me and the success of this blog. I’m really not that awesome. I’m just a guy that loves to talk a lot and share his thoughts. In this case his bare thoughts about naturism. What really made this blog a success are you guys. The people that keep reading them. The people that send me and Santana personal messages. Because also her blogs get a lot of positive reactions. From women but also from men that let their wives read her stories. The positive reactions we got when we announced that we were having a baby were awesome. And it was without a doubt very appreciated by you guys when I tweeted a video of an ultrasound. Without all those reactions it probably wouldn’t have come to the point where we are today. It really shows you all care. That you really read the blogs and aren’t just here for the nudie pics. And yes I know there are some that do but I really don’t care. Because there might be a chance that one day, they do read it. And maybe it will inspire them aswell. 

And that’s one of the things I try to do. Inspire people. And it works. The blogs with a serious message always get the highest amount of readers. Apparently there is a big need of positivity these days.Self-reflection aswell. And if I can provide that, I’ll do that. Not for me, not for the likes. But for you. I love the way I look at life and at myself. And I love talking about that. But without you listening to it, it wouldn’t be more then talking to myself. So thank you for listening. Thank you for thinking. And most of all, thank you for messaging me. Because that inspires me. Couldn’t have done it without you guys and I’ll keep doing what I do, as long as needed. There’s still a lot to talk about. So I see you guys next time. ❤️

Oh yeah, if you’re wondering, Santana and the baby are doing great and her belly is starting to show. I’ll keep you updated on that development aswell. 

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The October Q&A answers part 2

Here it is. Part 2 of the October Q&A. I hope you enjoy!

Question 4: ” What are your future plans for promoting naturism? “

After announcing that my webshops will be closing end of this year, I get this question a lot. And as things are looking now, my blog will be the main area for promoting naturism. The daily visitor count on my blog is still growing, so is my followers list on twitter. So as things are looking now, this blog still is the best place to promote naturism ( online ). There are no new plans for webshops or any other big ideas. Of course a lot of my time is now being invested in my family and the new baby which is coming in the end of April next year. When it comes to real life, not much is going to change when it comes to promoting naturism. I tell everybody that wants to hear it, that I’m naturist. What naturism is about and how it helped me and other thru life in so many ways. I will never stop with that. 

Question 5: ” Will you keep introducing more friends and family? “

Yes. Untill now we got atleast 3 appointments with people that are interested in experiencing naturism and/or social nudity. There are no specific dates yet, but I know them long enough to know that they will keep their word. Also, they all agreed that I may write a blog about their experiences that day, so we got at least 3 or 4 newbie stories coming up this or next year. Can’t wait to hear their experiences and write about it.

Question 6: ” Do you have naturist friends that you socialize with, for example, have dinner with together? “

Yes I have a few. And no, it’s not like we ask eachother something like: ” hey, do you wanna come over, take your clothes off, drink some coffee, get dressed and go back home? “. The friends that we socialize together naked with are people that are naturist aswell. When we spend time together naked it’s for a complete day ( or more ) and not just for a few hours. I have a good friend which is naturist aswell. I talked about him in an earlier blog. I also have the key of his house because he lives close to the company where we both work. That way, if I’m spending the night at the company I have the choice to go to his house to have a bath or spend some naked time. This can be alone or together with him. Or when he’s spending a day at Flevonatuur with us and then is spending the night at our place because it’s more closeby, we get undressed at my place aswell. Simply because we can and don’t mind. 

For so far the October Q&A. I hope you enjoyed and stay tuned on Twitter for the next one coming up if you have questions yourself. 

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The October Twitter Q&A answers part 1

Last week I had a new Q&A on my Twitteraccount which resulted in 6 questions. I will answer 3 today and 3 tomorrow. 

Question 1: ” Were you raised a naturist and if not, at what age did you convert to freedom? “

No, I wasn’t raised a naturist. After being bullied for years as a kid, I found a way to accept myself for who I am. To express that self acceptance and also because a desire to total freedom, with the combination of a wide interest I did some basic research on the internet about naturism. Then I looked for some people online that were willing to take me to a resort, because I couldn’t see myself go on my own for the first time. Luckily I found a lovely couple which became very important to me. This all happened 10 years ago, so I’m experiencing naturism since I was 18 years old. And not planning on going back to the time before that. 

Question 2: ” What is the longest time you managed to stay naked? “

Well there are actually 2 answers for that. If you mean non stop naked then I would have to say a little bit more then one day. If you meant all inclusive ( so including getting dressed for groceries or back to the time when I had a dog and I had to walk him out ) then it is around 9 days straight. I usually don’t have vacation longer then week straight. One, because I’m missing my job way too soon and two, because it costs to much money. When my daughter was born I had 3 weeks of vacation. That costed me around €700,- in salary that month. 

Question 3: ” Who is your hero? “

In life, my biggest hero would be Mario. It was the man from the couple that introduced me to naturism 10 years ago. The way he looked at life and the way that he made his choices thru life were and still are a big inspiration. Unfortunately he died in January of 2008 to cancer at the age of 44. I still have moments that I want to give him a call if I have some big life questions. 

And when it comes to naturism, I have to say my biggest hero is Marc from the UK ( @MarkNudy on Twitter ). The way he acts, breaths and promotes naturism is unique and very interesting to see. I find myself very lucky to be one of his friends and am very blessed to have met him in real life earlier this year. 

This were the first 3 questions and answers. I will answer the other 3 tomorrow. I hope you enjoyed and talk to you tomorrow. ❤️