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“I’m having a lot of medical issues, can I still join or practice the world of naturism?”

Well, to answer your question quickly: Yes you can! Thanks for reading my blog and see you next time. No just kidding, yes you can practice naturism when you’re having medical issues. Or should I say we can practice naturism while having medical issues? Because, as most of you already know, I’m having issues myself aswell since this year. In June of this year I was diagnosed with the chronic Crohn’s disease. Did that stop me from being a naturist? No it hasn’t.

It did change some things though.

And I’m not talking about medication. Because at the moment I’m not taking any medication. This can change in the near future. They inform me about that later this month. No I’m talking about all the things around it. Watching what I eat, making sure I’m having enough rest and sleep. And a lot more unannounced visits to the toilet. Another side effect of my disease is the risk of getting a fistula. And because I already had one, they decided to remove it last September. The fistula was right at the place where your butt crack begins, not a very comfortable spot. Not very hygienic aswell. And because I’m a truck driver and I’m sitting most of the day, they gave me the advice to stay at home for at least 2 weeks. It became 3,5 weeks in total because when I started working after 2 weeks, the wound ripped open while cleaning it.

But what does this mean when it comes to practicing naturism? For myself it changed the way I’m searching new recreational locations. Before my diagnose I was mostly looking if there was enough to do for ourselves and the kids. Now first thing I’m looking at, is if there is a toilet around the area. I’m also taking food from home instead of on the road or at the location. Just to be sure. So I guess you could say I’m preparing more in advance. And when it comes to the fistula operation? I had to wear underwear all the time I was at home because of the stuff that came out of the wound. So no happy naked time for 3,5 weeks. But I’m pain free now and that’s way more important.

But enough about me. The title of this blog was if you could join or practice naturism when you’re having medical issues. And yes you can. Depending on what it is of course. A good friend of mine really wanted to try it out with us, but because she has lupus and is advised to avoid direct contact with the sun, makes it a very limited experience for her. Limited, not impossible. Because when it comes to naturism, nothing is impossible. And you’re always welcome. Most terrains are already wheelchair-proof. There’s always a large changing room and toilet so enough room to make yourself ready for a nice day next to the pool. And don’t be afraid to ask someone for help or information. Naturists are known for being very helpful and respectful. And especially that respect is what makes you feel welcome in the world of naturism.

And not only when you’re in a wheelchair or when you have a chronic disease like I do. Even when you’re having a catheter or colostomy bag, amputated arms, legs, breasts, scars, burn wounds, you’re welcome as the beautiful unique individual that you are. We won’t judge, we won’t laugh. We may ask questions, but that’s just natural curiosity that we invest in the people around us. Love naturism and love yourself, like we love you.

And do it with the people you love. You’re not alone.

Talk to you guys soon. ❤️

My POV at life

Where did that Dutch naturist couple from Wordpress go? *Silence explained*

First of all: We are still alive and kicking! It just have been extremely busy lately. As you all know, Jaxson is almost 3 months now. Since 2 weeks he’s able to sleep 12 hours at night so our night rest ( and especially Santana’s night rest ) is slowly coming back. I’m pretty much all day tired because of the Crohn’s disease which is taking a lot of energy. And even though I try to sleep as much as possible and taking some extra vitamins D, the lack of energy and the feeling of being tired is not becoming less. Guess I have to learn to live with it. At least they didn’t see a need ( yet ) to start taking medication because it’s very quiet at the moment. Yayy for that!

So why no blogs you probably ask. Well one reason is that I’m working a lot lately. The only 2-day weekends that I have are the ones when I have my daughter. The other weekends I’m working Saturday or Sunday. When I’m working saturdays I start early the next Monday, when I work Sunday I’m done working late the Friday before. So yeah, not a lot of free time and the time that I have, I like to spend that with my family at the moment. Because of being so tired lately it’s very easy to get some down moments when you’re away from home a lot. And every time I talk to santana or get pictures or videos from her or Jaxson, I just want to go home as fast as possible. It really hits me hard lately, I think you can even call it homesickness, something I’ve never experienced ever before in my life. 

And haring these moments of feeling down, really effects my creativity. The urge to write is very low, the ideas for our online comic even lower. Luckily I still have some existing ideas that will be worked out soon, when the technical issues are solved. So yeah, I guess the real main reason for the lack of being active online is simply the fact that I want to be a lot with my family at the moment. That’s all that matters. But does that mean the end of BareThoughts? In a nutshell? No it doesn’t. We got some great things coming up that I really want to share with you guys. We got Natupop coming up this weekend and the first weekend of August we are visiting the island Vlieland, where it’s allowed to be naked on 80% of the island’s beach. So can’t wait for that! There is also a thing going on lately here in the Netherlands when it comes to people doing sexual things on nudebeaches. Cities and police are working hard to clean up the beaches from people that are doing this by writing high penalties and even send some of them to court. I’ll follow closely and when I think I have enough to write about it, I will. 

Just keep checking our channels once in a while and please respect our choice to spend our small time together. When there is more time to spend on the blog, we will. 

Love you all and talk to you guys soon ❤️

My POV at life

#YourNudeOnStory: Santana’s Story

If you want to get to know santana a bit better, then read this interview she gave to cloptzone

Clothing Optional

Hey friends, we’re back with another edition of #YourNudeOnStory, where we sit down with fellow nudists/naturists, and share their stories as part of our mission of positively promoting naturism and body acceptance. Today, we say hello to Santana in the Netherlands and get to hear her story on getting introduced to the nude life, Santana thanks for joining us.

So Santana, I understand you are still fairly new to the nudist scene—how did it all start for you, what drew you to try naturism from the start? My boyfriend Harmen already was naturist when I met him. He talked with so much enthusiasm about it that he triggered my interest more than I imagined in the first place. So much that it was me that asked him if he could take me to his favourite resort one day.

What reactions did you get when people found you were a nudist?

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My POV at life

Our short, but lovely, first visit to nude beach ” Ellerstrand “. 

Well… apparently there’s a nude beach close to our home. And I didn’t even know! It only takes a short 30 minute drive to the beach, 15 minutes faster then a visit to naturist resort Flevonatuur. 

It was over 30 degrees Celsius this Saturday and I had to work all day. It’s really frustrating to work on hot days like that, especially when you see other people enjoying the sun with their loved ones. Santana did some research and discovered that there was a nude beach nearby and suggested we would visit it if I didn’t come home too late. We checked some reviews and they weren’t all very positive, but because we really needed to enjoy the sun without clothes and our garden isn’t ready for that ( it’s a real big mess at the moment ), we decided to go. It couldn’t get any worse like the things we saw on the beach in Hoek van Holland right?

I arrived at home around 6 pm, so after a quick bite we packed our things and drove off to the unknown. It was indeed a 30 minute drive and looking at the cars, parked next to the street, there would be a nice amount of visitors. For a beach that’s not at sea it’s a pretty Long Beach. We first tried to find a nice place close to the water, but there were a lot of mosquitos there so we moved to another spot more to the left. We were sitting 10 meters from a group of people, men and women, that were having a little barbecue. Because we didn’t want to intrude, we simply did our thing and kept our distance. 

But 5 or 10 minutes later 2 people from their group came to us to take a look. We quickly found out that it’s very rare to see some young people on this beach. They all disappeared these last few years. Something you see a lot on Dutch nude beaches unfortunately. We kept talking and discovered that this group is coming here for years. Some of them even 30 years! It’s a group of eleven people from different ages. The oldest one was 82, a very lovely man, the youngest one was somewhere begin 30. The man and woman that visited us were a couple and they invited us to the group. But they would understand if we didn’t because we just arrived and Jaxson also was with us. After about 15 minutes we packed our things and walked towards them. We got a warm welcome from all of them and they all started talking all at once, simply because they don’t see a lot of new people on this beach, especially young people. They kept offering food from the barbecue, but because we just ate we had to decline it every time. We did accept a cool drink however, because it was still warm. 

They told us they all came from different places but that some of them come here every day. In the years it became a real close group of friends that simply enjoy life they way it’s supposed to be. We mentioned the reviews on the internet and they told us those things happened sometimes but on another part of the beach. The part where we were sitting was left alone by pervs and other people with wrong intentions. It also was the first nude beach we visited where they had a toilet and a shower, something you don’t see very often. After a while it was cooling down and we decided to go home, with the promise that we would come back pretty soon and then for a full day. So to be continued. 

Talk to you guys soon ❤️

My POV at life


Hundreds or maybe even thousands of years ago there was an amazing invention made by Mother Nature herself. Breasts. With this new feature women were able to feed their new born children so they wouldn’t starve to death. Humanity was excited worldwide. Finally they were saved from an awful future image where human beings would extinct. Finally they found a way to feed their children so they could grow up and see the world. What a wonderful time was that. Mothers all around the globe were feeding their children every possible moment of the day. At home, when they were outside aswell. Even when they were in the middle of their village with other women while their men were hunting for food. 

But then one day, I remember it like it was yesterday, everything changed. One of the husbands got sick and he and his wife went to the local medicine man. After a long session, what cost them a total price of 3 chickens, a goose and a sunflower ( which was very expensive in that time ) the medicine man told the husband to drink some mother milk 3 times a day as a cure. Off course they were a bit surprised. Isn’t mothermilk for babies, is what they asked themselves. But hey, who’s gonna doubt anything a medicine man says. And especially for that price! So they went home and tried it out the next day. 

While drinking the milk, something was happening with the husband behind his leaf. He was getting excited. A lot. And not because of the milk. But because of the breast. He told all his friends about it and they also tried it out with the same result. The world would never be the same since that accidental discovery. 


Because since that day people have been sexualizing women breasts on a daily base. Companies, websites and a lot of other people use that sexualizing of breasts to make a lot of money. What people are forgetting however, is what breasts are really made for. Feeding babies. And people are so brainwashed today that it’s almost impossible to feed your baby outside of your own home. People get mad at mothers if they are feeding their baby in public. Tell them to leave. Tell them to cover it up. Did they really forget that they’re alive because they got food the same way when they were a baby? How is it possible that the most natural thing in the world, breastfeeding, has become a taboo? Especially in a world where some of the most dangerous people are world leaders, where children are blown up at a concert, where people are still starving of hunger, where racism, slavery, child abuse and all other bad stuff still exists? How is it possible that in a world like that, breastfeeding is the real danger for the majority of people? Did I really miss a memo about that? I guess some of the Indians in the jungle did. Because there they still know what breasts are made for. There it’s possible to feed your child without any issue. They even respect the mother for doing it. They’re thankful for life and celebrate life. I hope they will never get the memo that it’s a bad thing. Because they are still honoring the invention from Mother Nature for what it’s made for. 

Day in, day out. 


Talk to you guys soon ❤️. 

Our loving thoughts go out to all the innocent victims and their families of the tragic event in Manchester. Stay strong Britain. 

My POV at life

My month of silence explained

Hey everyone. That’s been a while since I’ve last spoken to you. I feel an obligation to you guys to explain why. 

One of the reasons is that I was almost having a burn out from all that’s going on in our life at the moment. The extra responsibility at work, where I still have to find myself in, the pregnancy of Santana, some official paperwork that had to be done in a small amount of time and a body that’s giving a lot of issues lately made that I almost reached that burnout. Enough reasons to concentrate on those things and keep the blog and the comics at a minimum. 

What I meant about my body is health related. Having a heavy stomach ache for six weeks, combined with diarea and throwing up made me lose 13,5 kg of body weight in less then 4 weeks. Since I’m not really a big fan of doctors I kept stalling my visits to them. But because I did that my health kept getting worse with the result that Santana was worrying more and more. Eventually she didn’t give me any other chance ,with the help of my parents, to finally visit the doctor. And he wasn’t happy at all with my behavior. He gave me some medicines to give my stomach some rest and said I had to visit an internist. The medicines however didn’t work perfect and two days later I was still throwing up, this time combined with blood. Going back to the doctor where they checked my blood and gave me some other medicines. They also said I had to plan the appointment with the internist as soon as possible. I visited him yesterday and after listening to my complaints they took 4 tubes of blood and some poo. The results of the blood will be given tomorrow. 

And then there was the pregnancy. The last 1,5 week of it Santana felt last movement in her belly. We went to the hospital where they checked the activity from the baby and his heart rate. They checked it for 45 minutes and even though there wasn’t a lot of activity, they trusted it enough to let her go home. But 2 days later we were back with the same worries. This time they connected her two hours to the machine to get a clear view of the situation. They also decided to take over the complete care, with the result that giving birth at home was not done anymore. 

Also after that second visit they told us to come everyday to the hospital, just to be safe everything is okay with the baby. In the meantime Santana passed her expectation date so we made an appointment with the gynecologist to insert a balloon on may 1st to get her body to work. Ironically on that day her pains started at 4am. Later that morning we were at the hospital and it was a fact that she would be giving birth on that day. 

The pains were getting worse and worse and because we were both exhausted from all the stress of the issues I mentioned earlier Santana couldn’t take it anymore and requested pain medication. She was still at 4 centimeter so that wasn’t an issue at all. Within the hour she couldn’t feel anymore pain. It was all going very slow until she reached 7 centimeters. After that the last 3 centimeters came faster than we all enticipated. When she reached 10 centimeters, she was ready to give birth and got immediately clearance to push. 13 minutes later our beautiful son Jaxson was born at 9:33 pm. 

Santana and Jaxson are doing very well. They came home the next day. That was also the day that my daughter saw Jaxson for the first time. She’s very sweet for him and I’m so enormous proud of her. 

The next couple of weeks I’m enjoying my free time with my family till the moment I have to get back to work. Until that moment there will be no new blogs or comics. Simply because I want to enjoy every second of it. I hope you all respect that decision. Next time I will also give a new update about my own health issues. 

Take care y’all and we’ll talk soon ❤️