Diary of a home naturist

Chapter 14: Getting used to the new situation…

Yes guys, we’re still alive. Sorry for being so quiet the last couple of weeks. As most of you already know, my new job started this month. And well, I have to say that even though I love my new job, I had some issues with the new situation.

Because you have to realize this: I’ve been an international truck driver for at least 10,5 years. That’s 10,5 years being on my own for 5 or 6 days a week. And now, with the new job and all, I’m having people around me on a daily base. And not only at work but also at home. Don’t get me wrong, I love my family more than anything in the world, but I really had a hard time adjusting. But it’s coming and it’s getting better and better. Luckily I have the best girlfriend on the planet, who supports me no matter what.

But this new situation ( and the way it made me feel in the beginning ) was also the reason and start of a writers block. I even thought about quitting completely with Bare Thoughts and my other Dutch blog Open & Bloot. And also a little winter depression and the fact that we had a miscarriage two weeks ago didn’t really put me in the mood to write.

So yeah, a lot has happened and it wasn’t all good things. So if you were hoping for a happy-nude-life-chapter I’m sorry to disappoint you. I guess it just means that we are normal people aswell, all with our own life struggles. But we’re also the kind of people that stand positive in life with a bright look at the future, so I’m sure good times will come back and obviously will be shared with you, the people that follow us for such a long time. I hope you all understand now, because some of you were already messaging me if everything was okay because of the long silence. We’re fine, we just need more sunshine and more temperatures above 20 degrees Celsius haha.

Talk to you guys soon ❤️. And thanks for all your support and kind messages. We really appreciate it. You guys are the best!