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“I’m having a lot of medical issues, can I still join or practice the world of naturism?”

Well, to answer your question quickly: Yes you can! Thanks for reading my blog and see you next time. No just kidding, yes you can practice naturism when you’re having medical issues. Or should I say we can practice naturism while having medical issues? Because, as most of you already know, I’m having issues myself aswell since this year. In June of this year I was diagnosed with the chronic Crohn’s disease. Did that stop me from being a naturist? No it hasn’t.

It did change some things though.

And I’m not talking about medication. Because at the moment I’m not taking any medication. This can change in the near future. They inform me about that later this month. No I’m talking about all the things around it. Watching what I eat, making sure I’m having enough rest and sleep. And a lot more unannounced visits to the toilet. Another side effect of my disease is the risk of getting a fistula. And because I already had one, they decided to remove it last September. The fistula was right at the place where your butt crack begins, not a very comfortable spot. Not very hygienic aswell. And because I’m a truck driver and I’m sitting most of the day, they gave me the advice to stay at home for at least 2 weeks. It became 3,5 weeks in total because when I started working after 2 weeks, the wound ripped open while cleaning it.

But what does this mean when it comes to practicing naturism? For myself it changed the way I’m searching new recreational locations. Before my diagnose I was mostly looking if there was enough to do for ourselves and the kids. Now first thing I’m looking at, is if there is a toilet around the area. I’m also taking food from home instead of on the road or at the location. Just to be sure. So I guess you could say I’m preparing more in advance. And when it comes to the fistula operation? I had to wear underwear all the time I was at home because of the stuff that came out of the wound. So no happy naked time for 3,5 weeks. But I’m pain free now and that’s way more important.

But enough about me. The title of this blog was if you could join or practice naturism when you’re having medical issues. And yes you can. Depending on what it is of course. A good friend of mine really wanted to try it out with us, but because she has lupus and is advised to avoid direct contact with the sun, makes it a very limited experience for her. Limited, not impossible. Because when it comes to naturism, nothing is impossible. And you’re always welcome. Most terrains are already wheelchair-proof. There’s always a large changing room and toilet so enough room to make yourself ready for a nice day next to the pool. And don’t be afraid to ask someone for help or information. Naturists are known for being very helpful and respectful. And especially that respect is what makes you feel welcome in the world of naturism.

And not only when you’re in a wheelchair or when you have a chronic disease like I do. Even when you’re having a catheter or colostomy bag, amputated arms, legs, breasts, scars, burn wounds, you’re welcome as the beautiful unique individual that you are. We won’t judge, we won’t laugh. We may ask questions, but that’s just natural curiosity that we invest in the people around us. Love naturism and love yourself, like we love you.

And do it with the people you love. You’re not alone.

Talk to you guys soon. ❤️


6 gedachtes over ““I’m having a lot of medical issues, can I still join or practice the world of naturism?”

  1. Having to cover a bothersome wound with clothing isn’t fundamentally different from covering a cut with a bandage. It might be damned inconvenient and annoying, but that’s all. You are still you. I have a friend who has to wear shorts when she is menstruating, but she will still be topless at the resort. Best of luck with your treatment.

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  4. I myself am dealing with two conditions: Asperger’s syndrome and kidney disease. These can be disabling but disability from them is not inevitable. Chronic kidney disease is also what kidney disease can be called, though there are also forms of this like iGa nephropathy, polycystic kidney disease (PKD) and focal segmental glomerulosclerosis (FSGS). I have neither of these forms. With my medical conditions I can still partake in nudism/naturism. I am still in a normal body, not physically disabled in any way and not incontinent. In me visiting nudist/naturist clubs and resorts I can take food from my home especially if there is no food suitable for my condition on my kidney problems. In nudism/naturism I can also pretty much do everything with my two health conditions. Nudism/naturism is not discriminating against issues like Asperger’s, Crohn’s, kidney problems or being in a wheelchair.

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