Diary of a home naturist

Chapter 13: The best weekend of our life, our first mini-vacation together! #ClothingOptional

Wow people, what an amazing weekend did we have. As I mentioned in an earlier blog, we visited the island Vlieland. And even though we thought weather would be crap ( it was when we left our home ), we actually had sun all weekend! 

We arrived around 8.30am at the port of Harlingen and 30 minutes later the ferry left main land behind us. It’s about a 1,5 hour trip with the ferry to Vlieland. Because our hotel was only 1,5 kilometer from the port of Vlieland, we decided to walk instead of renting some bicycles. Our feet regret that decision very much haha. We walked a lot this weekend. Well… a lot for us, people that don’t walk a lot. But I’m very sure that we walked at least 20 kilometers this weekend. 


Anyhow, we arrived at the hotel and even though check-in usually is around 3 pm, we had the luxury to enter our room immediately. Because this weekend was for just the two of us and no kids were with us, Santana had to collect her breastmilk, otherwise her breasts would explode! Luckily the people at the hotel were nice enough to offer her some room in the fridge to keep it fresh enough to bring home for Jaxson. So thumbs up for that. 

When that was done and all our stuff was in the hotel room we decided to go to the beach. We read on the internet that public nudity is allowed on all beaches on Vlieland with the exception of the secured area between beach pole 50 and 51. All the rest of the beaches is clothing optional so that’s awesome! We found a nice quiet spot in the area of beach pole 52 and even though we were the only 2 people that went naked ( with the exception of people changing in to swimming clothes and vice versa ), nobody made an issue of it. Nobody laughed, nobody said anything, nobody cared actually. Why couldn’t it be like this everywhere is what we asked ourselves. We did however get robbed on the beach though. Someone stole my bag of Doritos. We call him Sjaak and his picture is right here. If you are Sjaak, or know Sjaak, please report him to the local authorities. 

How is that possible you ask? Well, Santana had a very creative idea. She wanted to collect sand and shells from the beach. With all that she would make a nice souvenir at home. So after we put some sand in two little bags, we left our spot for the search for shells. And right at the moment that I decided to go back because we had enough shells, Sjaak took his chance and grabbed the Doritos from the bag that we forgot to close. 

We witnessed it and couldn’t do anything about it lol. Luckily he didn’t damage Santana her phone, that was in the bag aswell. Oh well, wise lesson learned. After enough beach time we packed our things and walked back to the hotel… with a small detour for some new Doritos. 

When we got back at the hotel Santana started collecting milk again, which was a lot after that long time on the beach, in the meantime I took a shower. When Santana also had a shower and we both got dressed, we went back in to town to get something to eat. We decided to go to the only pizzeria on the island. Unfortunately it wasn’t one of the best ones we visited in our lives. And because my pizza had a lot of grease on it, it directly started flirting with my Crohn’s disease. So after a long ( and just in time ) toilet visit back in the hotel everything went back to normal luckily. That’s when you realize that diseases like Crohn’s don’t go on vacation. More reason to watch my food even more then I already did. 

The next morning we had a walk towards the island’s lighthouse. Not the most beautiful one I’ve seen, but it’s just something that you do when you visit an island. Well… at least when I visit an island. After that, we did some groceries and had something to drink at one of the local restaurants. 

After that we visited the local museum where you can find a lot of history about the island, stuff that’s found on the island, including this massive whale, you can stroke some small sharks and stingrays and they had an extra exhibition about the island during WWII. We both love museums like this, so we had the time of our life. The planning was to go on another activity after the museum ( watching seals on the coastline with a special off-road truck ), but unfortunately we were at the wrong place so we couldn’t make it in time. Because we paid in advance and it was our last day on the island, I contacted the company that organizes these trips. They didn’t do refunds, but we can use the tickets on our next visit. 

So instead of doing that, we had some unexpected time for ourselves. And because we were a bit disappointed by our own mistake and because our feet were also getting tired, we decided to get our bags and walk back to the harbor. We had a little snack on our way aswell and when that was done, we walked the last bit. We sat down in the harbor and didn’t move from our spot untill the ferry arrived. A beautiful, loving, romantic weekend came to an end and all that was left of it, was looking at the island while we were leaving the port of Vlieland, towards home. With our hearts filled with new memories and the joy of seeing Jaxson again after 2 days…

Talk to you guys soon ❤️. 

Oh yeah, I said I would do a blog about Natupop, but because of the rain, the temperature and the fact that the music was too loud for the kids, we spend the day at the indoor pool on Flevonatuur. Very lovely day with friends and loved ones, but not enough blog material to make an interesting blog about it. 


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