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Where did that Dutch naturist couple from Wordpress go? *Silence explained*

First of all: We are still alive and kicking! It just have been extremely busy lately. As you all know, Jaxson is almost 3 months now. Since 2 weeks he’s able to sleep 12 hours at night so our night rest ( and especially Santana’s night rest ) is slowly coming back. I’m pretty much all day tired because of the Crohn’s disease which is taking a lot of energy. And even though I try to sleep as much as possible and taking some extra vitamins D, the lack of energy and the feeling of being tired is not becoming less. Guess I have to learn to live with it. At least they didn’t see a need ( yet ) to start taking medication because it’s very quiet at the moment. Yayy for that!

So why no blogs you probably ask. Well one reason is that I’m working a lot lately. The only 2-day weekends that I have are the ones when I have my daughter. The other weekends I’m working Saturday or Sunday. When I’m working saturdays I start early the next Monday, when I work Sunday I’m done working late the Friday before. So yeah, not a lot of free time and the time that I have, I like to spend that with my family at the moment. Because of being so tired lately it’s very easy to get some down moments when you’re away from home a lot. And every time I talk to santana or get pictures or videos from her or Jaxson, I just want to go home as fast as possible. It really hits me hard lately, I think you can even call it homesickness, something I’ve never experienced ever before in my life. 

And haring these moments of feeling down, really effects my creativity. The urge to write is very low, the ideas for our online comic even lower. Luckily I still have some existing ideas that will be worked out soon, when the technical issues are solved. So yeah, I guess the real main reason for the lack of being active online is simply the fact that I want to be a lot with my family at the moment. That’s all that matters. But does that mean the end of BareThoughts? In a nutshell? No it doesn’t. We got some great things coming up that I really want to share with you guys. We got Natupop coming up this weekend and the first weekend of August we are visiting the island Vlieland, where it’s allowed to be naked on 80% of the island’s beach. So can’t wait for that! There is also a thing going on lately here in the Netherlands when it comes to people doing sexual things on nudebeaches. Cities and police are working hard to clean up the beaches from people that are doing this by writing high penalties and even send some of them to court. I’ll follow closely and when I think I have enough to write about it, I will. 

Just keep checking our channels once in a while and please respect our choice to spend our small time together. When there is more time to spend on the blog, we will. 

Love you all and talk to you guys soon ❤️

My POV at life

#YourNudeOnStory: Santana’s Story

If you want to get to know santana a bit better, then read this interview she gave to cloptzone

Clothing Optional

Hey friends, we’re back with another edition of #YourNudeOnStory, where we sit down with fellow nudists/naturists, and share their stories as part of our mission of positively promoting naturism and body acceptance. Today, we say hello to Santana in the Netherlands and get to hear her story on getting introduced to the nude life, Santana thanks for joining us.

So Santana, I understand you are still fairly new to the nudist scene—how did it all start for you, what drew you to try naturism from the start? My boyfriend Harmen already was naturist when I met him. He talked with so much enthusiasm about it that he triggered my interest more than I imagined in the first place. So much that it was me that asked him if he could take me to his favourite resort one day.

What reactions did you get when people found you were a nudist?

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