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Health update Harmen

Today we got the official confirmation that I’m diagnosed with Crohn’s disease. This is something that can’t be cured, only controlled with the use of medication and some drastic life changes. From what I was told I have a pretty heavy form of it so I have to change a lot of things that I’m used to do for years. I have to stop smoking, change the way I eat and what I eat, take medication and take more rest ( sleeping hours ). Also there is a chance I have to go to the hospital some times or in the worst case, get an operation. Luckily I’m still able to do my job, the medication I’m going to use is allowed in traffic. 

And even though this will stay the rest of my life an ongoing thing, which will effect not only me, but also santana, we are thinking very positive about our future. As you all know we are both very optimistic people and focus on the things we can still do in combination with this disease, instead of looking at the offers we have to bring. 

I announced this earlier today on our twitter and the reactions were overwhelming. It’s great to see so much love from our followers, a lot of them follow us for years now, some of them just a few days, but the love and the message you’ve all send out to us was the same and very welcome. That’s why I like to say to all of you, that even though I will have to bring a lot of offers to find a way to live with Crohn, I won’t stop with fighting for the future of naturism worldwide. I won’t stop fighting for a better self image of any insecure people and I won’t stop fighting for more spreading of love, faith and joy. We keep on blogging for you in the future, we keep making comics for you and we keep listening to your questions, doubts or issues. Because the support you guys give us is really giving us a lot of strength and love which is hard to put in to words. Just take me for my word that we really appreciate it from the bottom of our hearts. 

Thanks for all the support, interest and loving messages. Talk to you guys soon ❤️. 


17 gedachtes over “Health update Harmen

  1. Stay strong and keep a positive outlook, my friend. Crohn’s allows you to still be nude, so look on the good side, you’re able to fight this while you’re as bare as you like. Much love and many naked hugs, my blogging buddy!

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  2. I have diabetes myself. I know a lot about the feelings and some of the misery your feel right now. I was diagnosed about 2 years ago. It took me a few months to settle down and get used to the life i had to live. I hope the best for you and i am glad to hear you don’t see life as being over.


  3. I’m sorry to hear about this. You have Crohn’s disease but it does not define you. It is especially overwhelming to receive news of having a chronic disease at first. But I am also glad you are staying positive. I myself was diagnosed with kidney problems last year. i am still here with the problems but I like you am not letting it control or define me and stay positive. Yes, you can have a chronic disease and while you may not be able to do some things anymore you can still go on in life and there are many things you still can do. Advocating for nudism/naturism is not discriminating of a disease like Crohn’s that can only be controlled and lasts for life. I understand how you feel about changing the diet, my condition also is about special diets so I do not eat and drink like I did before my kidney disease diagnosis. You should research what your correct diet is to be and follow what doctor(s) say on you to eat/drink and not eat/drink.

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  4. Greg zegt:

    My former partner, now best friend, has chron’s and I learned a lot about the disease. It will require you to make lifestyle changes. Yes, you will need to stop smoking and make healthier diet choice. My friend eats pretty healthy and takes daily medication to manage his disease. He eats regular/normal food but stays away from high fat food and fast food. In addition he stays away from citrus. Oily food and citrus give him flareups and diarrhea. Every once in a blue moon he’ll get a flare up that is really bad and he has to then go on steroid pills for a week. That aside, he really lives a normal productive life.

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    • For now, my chron’s is very quiet. Because of that the doctors said I won’t have to take medication until it’s getting worse again. Also tomorrow I’m done smoking for two weeks tomorrow together with santana, who is supporting me a lot luckily. Food is going good lately, most of my complaints are being triggered by stress.


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