My POV at life


Hundreds or maybe even thousands of years ago there was an amazing invention made by Mother Nature herself. Breasts. With this new feature women were able to feed their new born children so they wouldn’t starve to death. Humanity was excited worldwide. Finally they were saved from an awful future image where human beings would extinct. Finally they found a way to feed their children so they could grow up and see the world. What a wonderful time was that. Mothers all around the globe were feeding their children every possible moment of the day. At home, when they were outside aswell. Even when they were in the middle of their village with other women while their men were hunting for food. 

But then one day, I remember it like it was yesterday, everything changed. One of the husbands got sick and he and his wife went to the local medicine man. After a long session, what cost them a total price of 3 chickens, a goose and a sunflower ( which was very expensive in that time ) the medicine man told the husband to drink some mother milk 3 times a day as a cure. Off course they were a bit surprised. Isn’t mothermilk for babies, is what they asked themselves. But hey, who’s gonna doubt anything a medicine man says. And especially for that price! So they went home and tried it out the next day. 

While drinking the milk, something was happening with the husband behind his leaf. He was getting excited. A lot. And not because of the milk. But because of the breast. He told all his friends about it and they also tried it out with the same result. The world would never be the same since that accidental discovery. 


Because since that day people have been sexualizing women breasts on a daily base. Companies, websites and a lot of other people use that sexualizing of breasts to make a lot of money. What people are forgetting however, is what breasts are really made for. Feeding babies. And people are so brainwashed today that it’s almost impossible to feed your baby outside of your own home. People get mad at mothers if they are feeding their baby in public. Tell them to leave. Tell them to cover it up. Did they really forget that they’re alive because they got food the same way when they were a baby? How is it possible that the most natural thing in the world, breastfeeding, has become a taboo? Especially in a world where some of the most dangerous people are world leaders, where children are blown up at a concert, where people are still starving of hunger, where racism, slavery, child abuse and all other bad stuff still exists? How is it possible that in a world like that, breastfeeding is the real danger for the majority of people? Did I really miss a memo about that? I guess some of the Indians in the jungle did. Because there they still know what breasts are made for. There it’s possible to feed your child without any issue. They even respect the mother for doing it. They’re thankful for life and celebrate life. I hope they will never get the memo that it’s a bad thing. Because they are still honoring the invention from Mother Nature for what it’s made for. 

Day in, day out. 


Talk to you guys soon ❤️. 

Our loving thoughts go out to all the innocent victims and their families of the tragic event in Manchester. Stay strong Britain. 


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