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Naturists… stand up and unite!

I never intended to write a complete blog about this subject, simply because I wanted to keep this page politics free. However, the things that are happening lately worldwide ( and especially in America ), are beyond politics. And a reason for me to speak out my mind about it. Because I’m getting more and more worried about our future, the future of our children and about humanity today. Also because the things that are happening these last couple of weeks are all things that naturism isn’t about. In today’s blog I’ll try to show these differences to you by using some of the things naturism was based on. Please understand that this blog isn’t an attack to political right, I’m also talking about the things that political left is doing wrong ( in my eyes ). So try to read this as my opinion and my point of view of the world today. 


One of the biggest things naturism is about. Respect for our fellow human beings, our planet, our thoughts and what we look like. Not judging people but respect them for who they are. You don’t always have to agree with them, but that’s what discussions are for. As long as you keep them respectful. And respect is hard to find outside our happy naked naturist bubble. Simply go to any news page on Facebook and read the comments. They’re not thought out, they’re not respectful, it’s nothing more then yelling at the things they don’t understand or accept in the most offensive way they can think of. It was one of the main reasons I deleted my Facebook account in 2015. I simply couldn’t stand the hate. But also our leaders don’t show respect to people. They don’t do it to other countries and cultures, they also don’t show it to other politicians and to the people living in the country they lead. And I’m talking about the majority of the world leaders. So not only from the ” free west “, but also the leaders from other parts of the world. All based on not willing to understand another, religion, fear and the thought that their POV is the right one. 


The last 10,20, 30 years they are talking about a successful multicultural society. And I agree that’s its multicultural. But I’m not convinced it’s successful. The numbers of racist crimes are still high. People are still getting discriminated. And there are still people yelling ” our people first “. I don’t call that successful. And I also don’t call it living in harmony. And it’s strange, because when you look at a random naturist resort, you don’t see anything of those things. That’s one of the best things I like about naturism. That everybody can live with the people around them. Why is it so hard to create that kind of atmosphere outside the resorts? Is it media, is it group pressure, is it how the people are raised by their parents, is it religion? I don’t know. I never had issues with other cultures or sexualities. We have several nationalities in my family. Maybe that helped me looking at people like human beings instead of looking at them by nationality. My parents were always very open about people who are gay. Maybe that’s why I have a lot of friends that are gay. Who knows. But the fact is that harmony is hard to find these days. And it’s getting more extreme by the day. West European truck drivers can’t work in harmony with East European truck drivers, people from turkey are divided in 2 groups now, not to mention what’s going on in Israel for century’s now.  And after last presidential election in the United States, there is big movement in left and right going on aswell over there. 


And then there was the new Muslim ban created by President Trump. The decision that divided humanity in two kinds. The people that are Muslim and the people that aren’t Muslim. Like 75 years ago the Germans did with the Jews. And I have to admit that during the election race I defended Donald Trump several times when people made the connection between him and Hitler. Simply because I thought there would never be someone like Hitler again, plus I always thought that it would be possible to do something like that in 2017. How wrong was I. The comparisons are getting more clear by every decision he made since January 1st. And it worries me. I’m pro equality and I know it wasn’t happening on small regional scale, like here in holland where at some clubs people with a heritage in morocco are kept outside the club with some lame excuses or where people don’t get a job, while they have all the qualifications, simply because they have an Arabic name. And I’m aware that I’m losing readers simply by making the connection between Trump and Adolf and I respect that. I respect the fact that they don’t respect my point of view. Although I’m pretty convinced that most of my readers, naturists, aren’t a fan of him either, also because of the differences between him and what naturism stands for. 

No borders. 

And then there was the plan for the wall. During the election race I thought it was bluffing and propaganda. But now it’s almost a fact. Although I’m not sure if Mexico will really pay for it. And eventhough all eyes are pointed at the States now, we mustn’t forget that the same things are happening in Europe aswell. When the refugees came with thousands towards Europe, countries like Hungary also build walls and fences to keep them out. Or atleast to try control the situation. And all around Europe there are noises to close the borders. Here in the Netherlands aswell. The ironic part is that they forget that 70 years ago, we were refugees aswell. I don’t have the correct numbers, but I know that a lot of Dutch families during WWII moved to Canada and the United Kingdom. Australia aswell. And I’m sure it happened in other countries aswell. So I don’t understand why they are so against refugees these days. If there’s anyone who knows how special freedom is, then it’s us. And that shouldn’t be taken for granted. 


Because freedom, or at least the feeling of freedom, is the best feeling in the world. And our biggest right as human being. The freedom to be who we are, to think what we think. So if freedom is important to you, then realize that it’s important for other people aswell. And that’s all that the majority of the refugees want. Freedom and a safe place for their thoughts, plans and family. And yes, I know Isis has it’s people also in that big flow of refugees. But closing the borders isn’t an option. A wall isn’t an option. Especially in a war like this, where you’re not fighting against an army but against a vision. A vision that’s planted in their heads. And that’s something that can be planted in anyone’s head. Anders Breivik for example. He did his crimes also because an idea he had in his head. Same goes for the Muslim terrorists. It’s an idea in their head, talked into by their leaders, under the name of a religion that has very little to do with their actions. But as long as they believe it and see it as real, extreme terrorist attacks like Boston, Paris, Brussel, Istanbul will happen again and again. But closing borders isn’t the correct option. It’s an option based on fear. 


So think. Think about what you want for yourself, for your children if you have any. And what you want for the people you love and the people you share this planet with. Because in the end we all have to do it together. And I rather do that with mutual love then with hate. 

Our future. 

The thing I want most in the world is that my children grow up in a safe loving environment. With clean air in their lungs. With good education. With knowledge of all cultures worldwide. With mutual respect. And eventhough the world is a big mess at the moment, I’m still sure it’s possible to reach that. As long as we realize that we are not alone on this planet. And that we don’t have the same visions sometimes. Or the same religions. Just look at those things the same way naturists look at body’s. All different but still the same. Because all we want is to be free and to be safe. I do, you do, the refugees do. So give them a chance. Like we had one in the past. You can’t look forward without looking back. That goes for bad things, but for good things aswell. 

So stand up!

For a better world. For freedom. For respect. And voor equal rights. This is the time to spread the word of naturism. And what we stand for. Because the world has a lot to learn when it comes to respect. They know that they want to receive it. Let’s learn them how to give it. In a peaceful, respectful way. So not in a window-destroying-aggressive-putting cars on fire-kinda way of protest. I understand why some of the democrats are behaving like that in the States now, I do however don’t approve it. This is not the way. And also based on fear. The fear of the unknown. 


Because I can’t do it alone. And I can’t do it with only the help of Santana. I need all naturists to openly tell people what naturism stands for. So if you’re still in the naturist closet, come out of it. If you’re an open naturist, keep telling people around you what it’s like and what it’s about. Because the more people know about it, the more they’ll see that it’s way more fun and way more relaxed to spend your life. 

Talk to you guys soon ❤. 


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  1. Jeffrey zegt:

    You don’t live here in the US. The illegals have caused so many deaths. My nephew was in an accident while riding his motorcycle. An illegal with no license or insurance ran a stop sign. My nephew has been in a wheelchair for 15 years now. He is paralyzed from the nipples down. The guy sued my nephew and his parents because his deportation wouldn’t would limit his ability to care for his family. Don’t preach to me about living in peace when this happens.

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