Diary of a home naturist

Chapter 8: Happy nude year!!!

First of all, happy new year everyone. We all arrived safely in 2017, so let’s make it a good one! I could tell you how our weekend, including New Year’s Eve, was and how we celebrated Christmas but all I can tell is that it was a wonderful time with ( clothed ) family obligations. So I’m not going to do that. What I am going to do though, is looking back at 2016 in a not chronological order. Simply because I had one of my best years last year. Love was great, work was great, naturism was great. Let’s go!

Let’s start off with a closed book. On December 31st I closed all 2Bare2Wear shops as I announced earlier last year. As mentioned earlier, new policies, raised product prizes and an unexpected success with this WordPress page, made me decide to close down the shops. Motivation and time were lacking the last months and it felt like a good thing to do. Björ from #TeamNaturist and I are still looking for a way to bring back the #TeamNaturist gear. In first place to keep producing them as prizes for the #TeamNaturistChallenges and maybe later for sales aswell. When it comes to The Naturist Page merchandise, Jason and I still haven’t looked in to the available options, so if there is any news about that in the near future, I’ll let you know. 

2016 was also the year I made a career move and switched company. The company where I work now gives me the option to be home more often and even make more money then the company I worked for before this one. Also last week I was offered a great opportunity, you could call it a small promotion, which I took with both hands. They asked me if I wanted to be a mentor driver for new colleagues, so I can teach them how our company works. I appreciate the faith and positive motivations this company gives me and will do anything to do my new task the best way I can. 

It also was the year where my daughter learned to walk. A development that came way quicker then I imagined. Time can go so quickly sometimes. 2016 in general went fast for me. But the giant leaps this young ones make are incredible. She makes me more proud every day and I can’t wait to see what she will learn in 2017. 

The greatest achievement in 2016 was meeting the love of my life. This woman made me feel en see things I never could imagine. And eventhough she never saw her self living the life of a naturist, she’s now on my side, in the nude, promoting naturism almost every day. 2016 was the year we found out we were pregnant, 2017 will be the year we will be the parents of a new baby. 

Talking about naturism, it was a fantastic year for both of us when it comes to naturism. For Santana it was the year to experience naturism in the best way possible. For me it was a year of exploring new beaches, resorts and pools. It also was the year for both of us where we decided to become home naturists aswell and grab every moment to drop our clothes. Life couldn’t be greater. It also was the year where I met 2 British naturist friends who became very special to me. One of them is Marc. I talked about him in many blogs and you’ll probably already know what he means to me. The other one is Stuart. A really stand out guy from Bristol. I’m very proud to call him a friend of mine. And eventhough we haven’t talked a lot lately, I know we’re good. 

It was the year where we got to know some amazing nude beaches like Twiske in oostzaan. It also was the year where we had some negative experiences on the beach of Hoek van Holland. A beach we will never visit again after those experiences. At least as long as the people over there don’t know the differences between public sex and social nudity. Again people, show some respect for the other beach visitors and keep those actions at home, not where young families come to have a nice day at the beach. 

And of course it was the year of experiencing naturism with the people we love. Roos, Andre, Benjamin, Pascal and Dorthy, thanks for spending these naturist days with us. Let’s make it a wonderful summer together in 2017 and enjoy our naked sun time together as much as we can. 

I hope 2017 will also be the year where we can visit Wervershoof a second time, where we had a very warm welcome by the most amazing people you can imagine. Anyhow, whatever 2017 will bring for us, I know we will manage it together and that you guys, my readers, will be witness of a lot special moments, here on this naturist blog page. I’ll end this ” looking back blog ” with a small photo compilation of 2016. Thanks for following our year and our life.We’ll talk soon in 2017 ❤. 



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