Santana's POV at life

Looking back by Santana

I think it’s safe to say that this was my year. In 2016 I met the love of my life, who is not only my biggest love, but also my best friend! It clicked from the first moment and it was very clear that we were meant for eachother. 

2016, the year I met another great love. A love that came with the package, but wouldn’t have missed for the world. A very precious lady, Harmen’s daughter. Harmen and I look forward to make her the best big sister there is and give her all the love she wants and deserves. 

2016, the year where I got to experience naturism. Something I never thought about. When I met Harmen, I told him it was something I would never do! But my curiosity won, so I asked Harmen if he wanted to take me to Flevonatuur to find out what naturism was for myself. And I loved it! Since that moment there was no way back for me. And now I’m promoting naturism together with Harmen. 

2016, the year where I had to say goodbye to certain people, who I thought cared about me, but eventually didn’t. After a lot of stress about that I decided to let it go. Which really helped because I don’t care about it anymore. Who doesn’t accept me for who I am can f*ck off. 

2016, the year where we met a lot of new friends. Naturist friends and textile friends. It feels great to be loved so much. We love you all!

2016, the year I found out what it’s like to really miss someone. I never knew it was this hard to not be around the person you wanna be with 24/7. The missing will stay every week of our lives, but talking with eachother by phone or whatsapp everyday, makes it a bit more acceptable. 

2016, the year where I learned to give and receive love. I never experienced this much love. I learned what it’s like to never have a fight or an argument and what it’s like to think the same about almost everything. It’s also the year I found out that a lot relations aren’t like ours and that there’s always something wrong in those relations. Never thought I could recognize these things. 

2016, the year we found out that we are pregnant. We are so lucky this year, I hope 2017 will be just as great as this year. It will atleast be the year that our little one will be born. 

2016, the year where I left the area where I was born and grown. Something I never thought, I always said I would never leave that place. But my love for Harmen won and together with him I’m really making it a home instead of a house. 

This are just some of many reasons that 2016 really was my year. I wouldn’t have missed it for the world. And all the people I love made this possible. Many thanks for that. I love you all. Let’s hope 2017 will be just as great!

Best wishes and happy new year! ❤️

My POV at life

Naturism and making friends…Easy or hard?

I think we can all agree that most of our friends aren’t naturist. Simply because there are more textile people then naturists. And that’s okay. Friendships are important in life. Even when they come and go. But when you have a lifestyle like naturism, it’s nice to have some naturist friends aswell. Because it’s a lifestyle. It’s more then a hobby or an interest. Something most textiles don’t seem to understand. Luckily my friends and family do, but I know several naturists that can’t even talk about it with their friends or family. I feel sorry for them and understand why they are looking for naturist friends. Some of them meet them on resorts or beaches, most of them try to find them online. And there lies the question: Is finding naturist friends easy or hard? 

Well that mostly depends on yourself. How you represent yourself. We all claim to be naturist. That’s what we have in common. What our definition of naturism is, isn’t always the same. Especially online there are a lot of people that don’t seem to understand the difference between naturism and the swingers life. And yes, swingers can be naturists aswell, but if you’re looking for more then just plain naturism then please introduce yourself as a swinger straight from the start of the conversation. That way people can decide at the beginning if they want to continue the conversation. Good thing for us is that people that represent them as naturist but actually want to get physical pretty much all use the same kind of talking. Which makes it easier to discover their intentions. I had several offers from men and women, and so did Santana. I bet you got them aswell. I don’t know how you handle it, but we block them. This is not our POV at naturism and not the kind of friendships we are looking for. But today I want to talk about the friendships that worked out pretty well for me. Some of them started online, some of them in real life. A combination of that is Marc, who you can see in the picture above. We met eachother on Twitter and it clicked pretty fast. We both have the same vision when it comes to naturism and in the small year that we know eachother we both got more out our lives by looking how the other one lives his life. I had the pleasure to meet him once when I was in the uk. We spent the day at Silverleigh Spa and it was like we knew eachother for years. Very special. 

Another great naturist couple we met on Facebook ( and later in real life ) are Frans and Yvonne. They also have the same definition of naturism as we have and even though there’s a pretty big age difference on paper, when we are talking we all don’t notice it. They recently bought a trailer at Flevonatuur and even offered to babysit when our little one arrives next year so we don’t have to worry that we can’t go to the sauna together anymore. Wonderful if you can build such a friendship in a short time. Always when we arrive on Flevonatuur, we are scanning the resort for the colors brown and white, the only two recognizable colors you can find on Frans his body haha. They both are lovely people with their heart on the right place. And when we look at how they communicate with each other, it’s almost like we are looking at our future selves. Very happy we’ve met them. 

And then we have Andre and his nephew Benjamin. I know Andre for 8 or 9 years now. We met in a gay chat room and quickly found out we were both naturist and trucker. A lot to talk about from the beginning. And now since February of this year we are colleagues aswell. Benjamin joined us to Flevonatuur when he was 11 years I think. First with Andre. Later my ex and I joined. And now with Santana. Very nice to see that Andre can convince a boy in the beginning of his puberty to experience naturism. We all know it’s a difficult age and I’m sure a lot of naturist parents know the problems children in puberty can have on resorts. Benjamin however handles this pretty good and really enjoyed his time naked with us and the friends he made on the resort. And even now he and his parents moved to Belgium, he still joins us. Nice to know that a new generation is standing up. 

But my best naturist friend is my girlfriend Santana. It’s the first time in my life that I can actually say that my best friend is my girl friend aswell. I can talk about everything with her, can be myself around her and had a chance to convince her about the naturism lifestyle. Knowing that she lives this lifestyle at home, even when I’m not around is a very blessed feeling. It’s knowing that she does it for herself and not for me. We’re a couple since March 30 of this year, but in that short time a lot has happened.  We fell in love, became best friends at the same time, experienced naturism together, She moved in last week and next April we are expecting our little wonder. And even after all this months our love is still growing, we fall in love again and again when we see eachother. And we still know how to surprise eachother. A wonderful friendship that I wouldn’t have missed for the world. I love her. 

So yeah, coming back to the main question… is it easy or hard making friends in naturism? In real life it’s pretty easy if you’re an easy talker. The people on resorts are very open and welcome. Just be yourself ( unless you’re a pervert, then please stay away ) and start a conversation. Online you got to be a bit more careful. Try to figure out their intentions as soon as possible. Don’t share nude photos to quickly and walk away when you have doubts. For trustful locations I recommend and There is strict surveillance and almost no perverts. Stay away from sites as and naktiv. Lot’s of swingers and other sexual minded people there. Those sites have absolutely nothing to do with naturism and should be ashamed for using the name naturism for their platform. 

Be safe and talk to you soon ❤️. 

Good friends Jason, Björ and Paul will be mentioned next month when I’m writing another blog about 2Bare2Wear. 

Diary of a home naturist

Chapter 7: Three amazing days

Well, that has been a while. My last weekend diary of a home naturist was when I had a week vacation. A lot has happened from then till now. The weekends were so full, busy and not interesting writing material, that I had no other choice then to have a small break from the diary. But I’m back and what a weekend this was. 

It actually all started on Thursday evening. Santana came to the company because she would join me the next day on the truck. Good friend and colleague Andre gave me a call because he couldn’t figure out his PlayStation 4 and we decided to bring him a visit. He’s naturist aswell so it was a great opportunity to spend our evening in the nude instead of in the truck. I helped him with his PS4, we talked a bit and after I took a nice warm bath with Santana it was time to go to bed. 

Friday we spend the day together on the truck and when we got home we took our bed apart and moved it up the attic. The next day we would pick up Santana her bed because we were planning on visiting her parents anyway. The rest of the day we didn’t do much. Bit of gaming, YouTube and simply enjoying our time together. 

The next day, after my ex brought my daughter, I started cooking dinner. Normally we have dinner at the end of the day, but because we didn’t know how long our visit to her parents would take, we decided to have a warm meal before we would leave. From mid November till December 5th it’s Sinterklaas time in the Netherlands. You could call it a Dutch version of Santa Claus, except we have that one here aswell haha. And because Santana her father plays Sinterklaas for several families, we asked him if he could do it for my daughter. He loved to do that. 

At first, she was very afraid of him. But after a while she calmed down and even sat on his lap. I think all the great presents that she got were helping aswell. So with a tired daughter, a hanger with Santana her bed and a trunk full of presents we drove back home. Once back home one of my neighbors helped carrying the bed upstairs because it was obviously too heavy for Santana being pregnant and all. So after talking with the neighbor and his mum, we said goodbye and went to bed. A lovely Saturday came to an end. 

The next day my daughter woke us up around 8am. Pretty early, normally we don’t hear her before 9am, but because today was gonna be a busy day we didn’t mind. Because today, December 4th my mom became 53 years young. So ofcourse we were gonna spend the day at my parents. We stayed till 4.15pm and then went back home so we could give my daughter some diner before my ex would pick her up. Later that evening the neighbor came again to help me remove the couch, because next day our couch would finally come. 

The first thing on the planning Monday was our little one. We are at 19,5 weeks of pregnancy so it was time for a heartbeat check and an ultrasound. Also today we would get 100% convirmation on the gender. During the complete ultrasound our little one wasn’t really helping the lady doing the ultrasound. So she send us in to town to get something to eat and to try to pee. That way the baby would get more room which would make it easier for her to see the things she was trying to check, like arms, legs, feet, hands, heartchambers, gender, etc.

When we came back after 20 minutes we tried it again and now everything she needed to see was visible. Everything was good so with a good feeling we returned home. We started cleaning up the area where the new couch would come, but before we were finished the couch was already there! The delivery guys placed it, unpacked it and put it all together for us. And after they left we sat down on our new couch to realize…. it’s bigger then we thought… 

But optimistic as we are, we immediately started cleaning up and moving some furniture around to create space. In the meantime we also did groceries for my week on the truck and had a good friend of us, Jacob, coming over for some coffee and a warm meal. When the living room and the dishes were done, we made some pictures for the #TeamNaturist calendar of 2017 and then drove towards Santana her parents to bring back the hanger where we transported her bed in and then, after a quick cup of of coffee, Santana brought me to my truck. So sold her car a few weeks back so she needs my car now when I’m away from home. It’s a lot of extra effort, but it’s only for two months. Then she’s done with school and won’t need the car so much anymore. Also she officially moved in this Monday so that’s great news aswell! A new big step has been made. 

So yeah it was a weekend of amazing moments and very busy moments. But I loved every second of it. Talk to you guys soon ❤️. 

 Oh yeah, remember I won an award with my blog? A few days ago I received the mug that came with the award. I like to thank Clothes Free Life again for the shout out and the attention and tips they spend on my blog. Together with the wonderful ( and personal ) reactions of my readers it really gives me a feeling that I can make a change and I’m really thankful for that. 

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