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Naturism…where everyone is beautiful

We all like to think we know what the perfect body is. Because we see it in magazines and on tv every day right? Well I got news for you: we don’t know. Well deep inside we know, but most of us ignore that. I’ll tell you what the perfect body is…

…it’s yours!

You’re beautiful. That extra flesh around your waste? Love it! That birthmark on your breast? Love it! That hair on your back? Love it!

A lot of people say we have a wrong body image because ” the industry ” tells us what beautiful is. I like to believe this wrong body image started before that. ” the industry ” is simply exploiting it, because they make a big profit while doing it. So where does it start in my point of view? Around the age of 4 years old. We have a saying here in holland. It says that the most honest people in the world are drunk people and kids. 


When a child is around that age, it starts noticing visual differences between people. And because the child is curious and honest, It speaks out what he or she noticed. I remember being on a family birthday a few years back. I had some cousins around that age. Maybe a bit older. One of them came towards me and said: ” you have a big belly “. And how often does it happen in a swimming pool, that you hear children around that age ask their parents why some people look like they do. I always listen to what their parents tell them. Because they believe them blindly. 

Some parents handle it well. Others don’t. I remember being on Flevonatuur a few years back. They have 3 saunas there. 2 outside, 1 inside. I was sitting in the sauna that was inside. It has a glass door which pointed towards the pool and the shower at the pool entrance. That way, while relaxing, you can always have some life to look at when you’re done staring at the heater. Anyway, the sauna was pretty full. There was a father ( I think ) and 2 young boys aswell. Don’t think they were older then 6 or 7 years old. At one moment a woman left the pool area and took a shower. Now she was pretty big. It was very obvious to see that it was a result of medicine use. The boys pointed towards her while giggling and whispering some comments about her appearance. Something that’s very normal at that age. Not judging that in any way. The reaction from the dad however…

Instead of explaining the boys that it wasn’t something to laugh about, that they didn’t know the reason of her appearance and the fact that everyone is beautiful in it’s own unique way, he turned his head towards them and said: ” yeah boys, that’s what you get if you go to mcDonalds every day. ” I couldn’t believe my ears. I looked around to the other people but they all acted like they didn’t hear it. Now, like I said, this was a few years back. Back then I didn’t have the courage to say something to him about his reaction. Something I regret until this day. Didn’t he realize the consequences of his reaction? Because indirectly he said that all big people go to mcDonalds every day. I immediately got a picture in my head of those 2 boys going to school the next day. Where they would see a big kid and they would say: ” did you go to mcDonalds again? “. Because that is the chain reaction you create when you say stuff like this to your children. I couldn’t believe a naturist would teach his children stuff like this. Wasn’t naturism based on respect? 

This is something I will never say to my children. Because they will take it as the truth. Even if you meant it as a joke. They don’t see the difference. Also, it’s disrespectful in every way. And it can follow people for years, if not a life time. A good friend of mine, Natasja, reads all my blogs. She’s very interested in our lifestyle and loves reading about it. So obviously I asked her a few times if she wanted to join us to Flevonatuur. But eventhough she’s curious enough for it, her answer still remains a no. Not because she doesn’t want to, deep down inside she’s probably screening yes, but because of wrong body image. And that’s such a shame. One, because she’s beautiful and two, because she’s missing out on a great lifestyle, simply because she can’t see herself like I see her. I told her to try it at home first. To get used to being naked and to get used to her body. Unfortunately her surrounding doesn’t let her. People walk in and out her house at random moments. Making walking around naked at home an almost impossible thing to do. Also her boyfriend and children will look pretty weird at her if she starts doing this out of nothing. Something she could simply explain to them by communication in my opinion but who am I. 

I hope her curiosity wins. And I hope the curiosity of non naturist readers also win. Because it truly makes life so much easier when you simply don’t care about what others think. And it makes it so much easier when you love your body for what it is. You’re worth it. Naturism is worth it. Give it a chance and turn your life around. Doesn’t matter what age you are, what you look like or what others think. If I can do it, anyone can. Love yourself… like I love me. ❤️


11 gedachtes over “Naturism…where everyone is beautiful

  1. Great blog. Always look forward to seeing it in my Facebook page.

    I’ve always tried to teach my kids that a persons’ body is not the sum of who they are. Scars, amputation, extra weight, all tell a story that you will never know unless you get to know that person. You never know what that other person has gone through.

    I do hope you are able to convince Natasja to try naturism. It truly is the great equalizer between people.

    My family and I started getting involved in naturism 5 years ago and started up a naturist beach here in Alberta, Canada to help others get into this way of living.

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    • Wonderful site you have here but I was curious about if you knew of any forums that cover the same topics discussed here? I’d really love to be a part of online community where I can get comments from other experienced individuals that share the same interest. If you have any retnemmndacioos, please let me know. Many thanks!

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      • I’d recommend and Twitter. But Twitter does need a lot of checking who follows you. There are genuine naturists but also some people with other intentions unfortunately


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