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Making a difference…honest, open and nude

This isn’t gonna be a blog like my other ones. Because this time I’m talking about you instead of about me. The reason for that is that the Twitter account, where I share these blogs, reached 600 followers. And that deserves a thank you. A thank you to you. My WordPress readers that have been here from the start, the people that read this because they saw my blogs thru Twitter, Facebook, and the people from my personal life, that started reading them out of interest and kept reading them. 

Let’s start with some numbers. I started this WordPress page on August 14th after posting a personal message from me to the world on Facebook. That post got so much positive reactions, that Jason from The Naturist Page encouraged me to start a blog and see how it would go. Now the last time that I really took the time to write a story was when I was 9 or 10 and it were all fiction stories. So how was I going to do this? Because the post on Facebook was received so positively, by people from around the world, I decided to write in that style. English, but not to difficult, add pictures for a better view of what I was talking about and really write from my point of view. To keep it as most personal as possible. I made a WordPress page, copy/pasted my Facebook post, made some adjustments and my first blog was born ( How naturism changed my life ). 

Wordpress has a tab where it shows statistics of the blogs you post. These statistics tell me that my first blog had the biggest amount of readers in one day. 930 total on August 17th. The reactions were overwhelming and it was shared on a lot of platforms. Not only by you but also by some major naturist promoters and federations. Something I never would’ve guessed. Could I really make a difference with this? Something I was trying with 2Bare2Wear for over a year, reaching people to spread the message about naturism, successfully worked with one blog. I had to continue to see where it would go. 

Well it exploded I can tell you. This page is almost 3 months old and the numbers that I can give you are these:

– 34 blogs ( this one not included )

– 10.729 unique visitors


– Countless private messages

– 6 Home Naturist chapters 

– 2 readers that I met in real life after starting this 

– 1 Clothesfreelife award ( More than pics blog )

But enough about me and the success of this blog. I’m really not that awesome. I’m just a guy that loves to talk a lot and share his thoughts. In this case his bare thoughts about naturism. What really made this blog a success are you guys. The people that keep reading them. The people that send me and Santana personal messages. Because also her blogs get a lot of positive reactions. From women but also from men that let their wives read her stories. The positive reactions we got when we announced that we were having a baby were awesome. And it was without a doubt very appreciated by you guys when I tweeted a video of an ultrasound. Without all those reactions it probably wouldn’t have come to the point where we are today. It really shows you all care. That you really read the blogs and aren’t just here for the nudie pics. And yes I know there are some that do but I really don’t care. Because there might be a chance that one day, they do read it. And maybe it will inspire them aswell. 

And that’s one of the things I try to do. Inspire people. And it works. The blogs with a serious message always get the highest amount of readers. Apparently there is a big need of positivity these days.Self-reflection aswell. And if I can provide that, I’ll do that. Not for me, not for the likes. But for you. I love the way I look at life and at myself. And I love talking about that. But without you listening to it, it wouldn’t be more then talking to myself. So thank you for listening. Thank you for thinking. And most of all, thank you for messaging me. Because that inspires me. Couldn’t have done it without you guys and I’ll keep doing what I do, as long as needed. There’s still a lot to talk about. So I see you guys next time. ❤️

Oh yeah, if you’re wondering, Santana and the baby are doing great and her belly is starting to show. I’ll keep you updated on that development aswell. 

My POV at life

Naturism…where everyone is beautiful

We all like to think we know what the perfect body is. Because we see it in magazines and on tv every day right? Well I got news for you: we don’t know. Well deep inside we know, but most of us ignore that. I’ll tell you what the perfect body is…

…it’s yours!

You’re beautiful. That extra flesh around your waste? Love it! That birthmark on your breast? Love it! That hair on your back? Love it!

A lot of people say we have a wrong body image because ” the industry ” tells us what beautiful is. I like to believe this wrong body image started before that. ” the industry ” is simply exploiting it, because they make a big profit while doing it. So where does it start in my point of view? Around the age of 4 years old. We have a saying here in holland. It says that the most honest people in the world are drunk people and kids. 


When a child is around that age, it starts noticing visual differences between people. And because the child is curious and honest, It speaks out what he or she noticed. I remember being on a family birthday a few years back. I had some cousins around that age. Maybe a bit older. One of them came towards me and said: ” you have a big belly “. And how often does it happen in a swimming pool, that you hear children around that age ask their parents why some people look like they do. I always listen to what their parents tell them. Because they believe them blindly. 

Some parents handle it well. Others don’t. I remember being on Flevonatuur a few years back. They have 3 saunas there. 2 outside, 1 inside. I was sitting in the sauna that was inside. It has a glass door which pointed towards the pool and the shower at the pool entrance. That way, while relaxing, you can always have some life to look at when you’re done staring at the heater. Anyway, the sauna was pretty full. There was a father ( I think ) and 2 young boys aswell. Don’t think they were older then 6 or 7 years old. At one moment a woman left the pool area and took a shower. Now she was pretty big. It was very obvious to see that it was a result of medicine use. The boys pointed towards her while giggling and whispering some comments about her appearance. Something that’s very normal at that age. Not judging that in any way. The reaction from the dad however…

Instead of explaining the boys that it wasn’t something to laugh about, that they didn’t know the reason of her appearance and the fact that everyone is beautiful in it’s own unique way, he turned his head towards them and said: ” yeah boys, that’s what you get if you go to mcDonalds every day. ” I couldn’t believe my ears. I looked around to the other people but they all acted like they didn’t hear it. Now, like I said, this was a few years back. Back then I didn’t have the courage to say something to him about his reaction. Something I regret until this day. Didn’t he realize the consequences of his reaction? Because indirectly he said that all big people go to mcDonalds every day. I immediately got a picture in my head of those 2 boys going to school the next day. Where they would see a big kid and they would say: ” did you go to mcDonalds again? “. Because that is the chain reaction you create when you say stuff like this to your children. I couldn’t believe a naturist would teach his children stuff like this. Wasn’t naturism based on respect? 

This is something I will never say to my children. Because they will take it as the truth. Even if you meant it as a joke. They don’t see the difference. Also, it’s disrespectful in every way. And it can follow people for years, if not a life time. A good friend of mine, Natasja, reads all my blogs. She’s very interested in our lifestyle and loves reading about it. So obviously I asked her a few times if she wanted to join us to Flevonatuur. But eventhough she’s curious enough for it, her answer still remains a no. Not because she doesn’t want to, deep down inside she’s probably screening yes, but because of wrong body image. And that’s such a shame. One, because she’s beautiful and two, because she’s missing out on a great lifestyle, simply because she can’t see herself like I see her. I told her to try it at home first. To get used to being naked and to get used to her body. Unfortunately her surrounding doesn’t let her. People walk in and out her house at random moments. Making walking around naked at home an almost impossible thing to do. Also her boyfriend and children will look pretty weird at her if she starts doing this out of nothing. Something she could simply explain to them by communication in my opinion but who am I. 

I hope her curiosity wins. And I hope the curiosity of non naturist readers also win. Because it truly makes life so much easier when you simply don’t care about what others think. And it makes it so much easier when you love your body for what it is. You’re worth it. Naturism is worth it. Give it a chance and turn your life around. Doesn’t matter what age you are, what you look like or what others think. If I can do it, anyone can. Love yourself… like I love me. ❤️

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What’s become of people’s way of thinking, and what does this mean for our future?

Very wise and inspirational article

Clothing Optional


I’ve got another message for the world–in case you haven’t figured it out, I’ll say it again. I’m a naturist, and proud of it. I know I don’t have the greatest body, a lot of people don’t. But that doesn’t mean we can’t accept ourselves for what we are and be positive about it? That doesn’t mean we can’t appreciate the imperfect bodies we have because somebody may not be as “attractive” to some?

Unfortunately, there are all different kinds of people in this world, and some of them are not so nice. There are lots of jerks and assholes down there who put people who are not like them down. In this case, a lot of internet trolls for instance are commonly known to put nasty, sour comments on pages that positively show the naked body, and how everyday people are part of the nudist/naturist world. They say…

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My POV at life

Will 2017 be the year of naturism acceptance?

This will be my first blog where I’m mixing our own photos with public photos. Now I know that’s not my style, but I want to talk with you about something that’s running thru my mind these last couple of weeks. So don’t think I’m making a change in my style or anything. I’m not. 

So the thing I want to talk about today, is the fact that I’m noticing lately that simple nudity is getting more normal in our daily lives. From a naked restaurant in London, with a massive waiting list, to a still growing visitors count of sauna’s and spa’s and simple nudity on tv. Where is this change coming from? And should we be happy about it? I don’t have the info about all the stuff that’s happening around the world, so I’m only discussing the things that I noticed in the media these last couple of years. Because there’s a massive shift going on when it comes to nudity and media. 

Last month I was on the ferry from Harwich to Hoek van Holland watching some tv in my cabin. I came across the program naked and afraid. I think you all have heard of it. 2 people dropped in nature, naked and challenged to survive in the wild life for a while. One of the things I noticed, is how discovery displays this program. Even though it’s blurred, it’s still American tv, they do film the entire body. It’s not all above the waste or hidden behind trees or whatever. What they also show, is how normal nudity actually is. Also in nude dating shows, where people see eachother completely nude on their first date, the majority of the people reacts very calm and relax about it ( off course there still are some exceptions that keep looking down or laugh ). And these tv shows aswell, have a very interesting way of showing it on screen. 

The thing I’m noticing here, is that media and tv in general is not the small laughing kid anymore making jokes about naked people. They are more mature about it, more respectful and it also looks like they think something over a few times before deciding how to show it on tv. I think that’s a good development. Media still is one of the main resources that makes how most of the people think about stuff. And even though these programs are getting very mixed reactions on social media by ” the normal people “, you can also see a shift going on there aswell. So where is this coming from? Are people more aware of their own body? Or is it a quest for total freedom? Or could it be a reaction to all the negativity that’s going on in the world lately, with bombings, racism, violence, that people want to send out a positive energy like the hippies did in the 60s and 70s?

But even though tv is making a positive switch when it comes to nudity, social media isn’t. This photo of me on the beach was removed a few weeks ago on instagram. And yes I know their policy and yes I know instagram is from our arch enemy Marc Zuckerberg. I’m not planning on discussing my POV on his policy’s because it would be a very long blog then. Very long. When it comes to social media, there are only a few sites where you can post nudity. Snapchat and Twitter are two of them. Now a few days back I saw in the news that Disney was planning on taking over Twitter. I wonder how long nudity will be accepted when they really take it over. I think it will be done within a week. But when you look on Twitter, anyone can see that there is a big need for naturism on social media. So why ban it right? And why is nudity in it’s most simple form forbidden on Facebook ( like breastfeeding, or even the napalm girl ) and is it possible for everyone to see how a sheep is butchered halal? What is more offensive? ( I know the napalm girl is back on Facebook, but the fact that it was taken down in the first place is just simply ridiculous ). 

But back to real life. There’s a naked restaurant in London. There are plans to open one in Paris aswell. There are also big plans in Paris for a big naturist park like in Berlin. In New York City women can walk around topless just like men. Free the Nipple is still active and keeps getting new followers. Sauna visitors are still growing in numbers. Naturist vacation destinations are growing. So are nude beaches and clothing optional beaches. So is it just me, or is there really a change going on? Will 2017 be THE year for naturism, nudity acceptance and a better and healthier body and self acceptance? I think it will. What do you think?

There is however, a big change going on aswell in the world which could change this positive movement. And that is the fact that there is becoming more hate and anger then ever before. And ironically we can blame media for that aswell. And not only media but some high placed people aswell. There is an extreme right movement going on worldwide where respect towards other people is hard to find. And even though naturism is based on respect to other people, I notice online some naturist people have some extreme right thoughts aswell. Some of them are moved by fear, others by anger or disappointment. The whole idea of a multi cultural society has failed at the moment that cities were reordering their blocks. The idea of a multi cultural society is that all people live together hand in hand. The reality however shows something else. Schools are separated on the base of religions. You got christian schools, Islamic schools, Jewish schools and so on. So the first thing kids learn by entering these schools is that we are separated in groups. And when you put teachers in those classes telling children that their religion is the best religion and that homosexuality is a sin, or that white people are better then black people, then you’re not making a base for a multi cultural society. You’re separating people instead of letting them live in harmony. Instead of learning them how other cultures think and work or showing them that homosexuality isn’t a choice but simply a part of who that person is from birth, they are teaching the children the differences between them instead of showing that everyone is the same. This is a thread that we have to look out for and stand up against before it’s too late. I think it’s our responsibility as naturist to show people what respect really is about. What living in harmony really means and how nice it is to live in an environment where everyone is treated the same. I hope we can see something of that movement back in 2017. Be positive to spread positivity. Talk openly about your fears or things you don’t understand instead of getting angry or afraid. Communication is the key to make this a success and make the world a bit more positive day by day. Thank you ❤️

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Nudeswimming in Wervershoof

The colder months have begun. Reason for several swimming pools in the Netherlands to open their doors for naturists. And even though the majority of those pools open their doors for us 45 minutes till 2 hours max, it’s still a very welcome extra now temperatures outside are getting lower every week. 

It was August 22nd of this year, when I got a message on Twitter from Arnold ( twitter: @NatzwemWF ). He enjoys our blogs and was wondering if we were interested to see how their nudeswimming sundays are. He also gave me the option to display my products from 2Bare2Wear, but because those shops are closing end of this year I didn’t do that. But obviously we were very interested in their moment of freedom in the cold days. So we visited them last Sunday, October 16th. 

The nudeswimming in swimming pool ” de Zeehoek ” ( Dutch for Seacorner ) was founded in the end of 2015 by Arnold and somebody else. Nowadays Arnold is running it on his own, with the cooperation of the swimming pool. The swimming pool always closed on sundays between 2.30pm and 3pm. When Arnold placed a message online in 2014, if there was interest in nudeswimming in that area, swimming pool ” de Zeehoek ” was one of the first that responded. 

After a warm welcome by Arnold, we went to the dressing rooms to get undressed. We looked for a nice spot to place our bags and took a nice warm shower. What I understood from Arnold, the swimming pool personnel and from some of the visitors, was that the group that it is nowadays really grew to a warm and loving family. There are a lot of visitors that are here since the beginning, but also a lot of newcomers keep coming back. And with a minimum of 25 and a maximum of 60+ visitors, you can really speak of a successful project. 

It’s a pretty big pool. It also has an access in the wall so you can swim to the pool outside. They also have a water slide, a jacuzzi and a baby pool. We saw a lot of different ages this day. From young families to people that are already retired. What Santana and I really noticed, was how open the people were. Off course, a lot of naturist people are known for being open. But I also had experiences where it was really hard to get a conversation going. 

One of the first persons we spoke after talking with Arnold was Hans. He told us he visits these sundays since the beginning. He really loves being in the water. Actually this water was a bit to warm for him ( the pool is 29,5 degrees Celsius, the jacuzzi 34,5 degrees Celsius ). He has Parkinson’s and apparently cold water is good for him. I never knew this before he told me. 

Later I talked with Wendy. She’s an employee of the swimming pool. She also was very friendly and open and could ask her anything I wanted to know. She told me she was doing this work for 13 years now. The nudeswimming sundays were done in the beginning by her colleague, but when he couldn’t work on Sunday anymore they switched. She doesn’t mind working on Sunday and it’s not overtime because she’s working the same amount of hours as before the switch. When I asked her if it was weird for her being the only one dressed between all the naked people she immediately said no. For her, nudeswimming is completely normal and not different from sauna and spa resorts, which you see a lot in the Netherlands. 

She did admit however, that there were some colleagues having issues with these days. Some because of the nudity, others because of working longer on Sunday. And some because of both reasons. But because Wendy has a good connection with the annual visitors and because that good connection also has a great effect on social control and new visitors, she’s usually the one that works on these days. Untill now there only has been one visitor where she and other visitors had doubts about his intentions. Luckily nothing happened. He also didn’t come back after his first visit. One of the reasons there are so little incidents is because you have to be a NFN member. NFN is the Dutch naturist foundation and part of INF. Non-members can visit twice. If they want to come back again they have to become a member of the NFN first. A perfect policy if you ask me. 

Santana and I had a lovely afternoon at swimming pool ” de Zeehoek ” and would love to come back once again. It really looked like one big family. A family that’s still open for new members. We like to thank Arnold for his invitation, the swimming pool and their employees for their hospitality and openness. Also we like to thank the other visitors for their openness and the fact that we were allowed to take photos for this blog. 

Dutch blog

Naaktzwemmen in Wervershoof

De koudere maanden hebben hun intrede gedaan. Reden voor meerdere zwembaden in Nederland om hun deuren te openen voor naturisten en naaktrecreanten. En hoewel het bij t grootste deel maar 3 kwartier tot 2 uurtjes in de week is, is het een welkom extraatje nu de temperaturen wat minder worden. 

Het was 22 augustus van dit jaar, toen ik op twitter een berichtje kreeg van Arnold ( twitter: @NatzwemWF ). Hij was een liefhebber van onze blogs en vroeg zich af of het ons leuk leek  eens te ervaren hoe het naaktzwemmen bij hun in Wervershoof is. Ook gaf hij mij de gelegenheid bij dat bezoek de producten van 2Bare2Wear te laten zien. Aangezien die shops eind dit jaar sluiten heb ik dat niet gedaan, maar we stonden wel open om hun zwembad te bekijken. Afgelopen zondag, 16 oktober was die dag. 

Het naaktzwemmen in zwembad de Zeehoek is begonnen eind 2014 door Arnold en iemand anders. Op dit moment runt Arnold het zo goed als in z’n eentje, in samenwerking met het zwembad. Het zwembad sloot altijd op zondag tussen half 3 en 3 uur smiddags. Toen Arnold in 2014 een algemene oproep deed op internet of er interesse was voor naaktzwemmen in de omgeving, was zwembad de Zeehoek een van de eerste die er op reageerde. 

Na een warm welkom door Arnold, gingen we richting de kleedkamers om onze kleren uit te doen. We zochten een mooi plekje om onze tassen te plaatsen en namen een warme douche. Wat ik van zowel Arnold, het zwembad personeel en van andere bezoekers begreep, is het clubje dat t vandaag de dag is, uitgegroeid tot een vertrouwde familie. Er zijn een hoop gasten van het eerste uur en ook nieuwkomers blijven regelmatig terugkomen. En met een minimum van zo’n 25 bezoekers tot op goede dagen wel over de 60 bezoekers, mag je wel degelijk spreken van een succesvolle formule. 

Het is een redelijk ruim zwembad, met een doorgang in de muur naar het buitenbad. Ook is er een bubbelbad, een glijbaan en een kinderbadje. Vrijwel alle leeftijden hebben we voorbij zien komen, van jonge gezinnen tot aan gepensioneerden. Wat Santana en mij vooral opviel was de openheid van de mensen. Nou staan naturisten daar in t algemeen wel aardig om bekend natuurlijk, maar ik heb op andere zwemgelegenheden, zoals Tropiqua in Veendam, ook wel ervaren dat gesprekken niet altijd even gemakkelijk zijn aan te gaan. 

Een van de eerste personen die we na Arnold spraken was Hans. Hij bezoekt deze middagen al vanaf het begin. Hij vertelde dat ie een echte waterrat is en dat dit water eigenlijk nog wat te warm voor hem was ( het gewone bad is 29,5 graad, het bubbelbad 34,5 ). Aangezien hij Parkinson heeft, schijnt koud water heel goed te helpen. Hoe kouder hoe beter zelfs. Iets wat ik nooit wist voordat hij dit vertelde. 

Later sprak ik met Wendy, een van de personeelsleden van het zwembad. Ook zij was heel open en vriendelijk en ik mocht haar alles vragen wat ik wilde weten. Zo vertelde zij mij dat ze dit werk al 13 jaar deed. De naaktzwem middagen werden eerst altijd door iemand anders begeleid, maar omdat hij de zondagen niet meer zo makkelijk kon werken en het haar wel goed uitkwam, kwam ze dus bij dit anderhalf uurtje uit. Het zijn trouwens geen overuren voor haar aangezien ze nog steeds net zoveel uren draait als daarvoor. Toen ik haar vroeg of ze zich niet opgelaten voelde tussen allemaal blote mensen, terwijl zij gekleed moest blijven omdat ze ook herkenbaar moet blijven als personeel, ontkrachtte ze dit meteen. Voor haar is het naaktzwemmen iets heel normaals en niks anders als bij bijvoorbeeld sauna complexen als de Zwaluwhoeve. 

Ze gaf echter wel toe dat sommige personeelsleden er wel wat moeite mee hadden. Zowel met het bloot als met het langer werken op de zondag. Maar aangezien Wendy een goede band heeft met de vaste bezoekers en die band ook een goed effect heeft op sociale controle wat betreft nieuwkomers, is zij toch wel degene die het meest bij deze middagen aanwezig is. Tot nu toe is er 1 bezoeker geweest waar zowel zij als de vaste bezoekers twijfels bij hadden. Gelukkig is er niks gebeurd en heeft hij zijn gezicht ook niet meer laten zien na dat bezoek. Een van de redenen dat er eigenlijk geen incidenten zijn, is omdat lidmaatschap van de NFN vereist is. Niet-leden van de NFN mogen 2 keer een middagje meedraaien. Smaakt het dan alsnog naar meer, zullen ze eerst lid van de NFN moeten worden om een 3e keer langs te komen. Een prima beleid als je het mij vraagt. 

Santana en ik hebben in ieder geval een heerlijke middag gehad in zwembad de Zeehoek en komen graag nog eens terug. Het kwam inderdaad over als een grote familie. Een familie die ondanks de grote bezoekersaantallen nog steeds open staat voor nieuwkomers en ook alles doet om ze te overtuigen van hoe fijn dit anderhalf uur van vrijheid is. We willen Arnold bedanken voor z’n uitnodiging, het zwembad personeel voor de gastvrijheid en openheid en de bezoekers voor hun openheid en het feit dat we foto’s mochten maken voor dit blog. 

Diary of a home naturist

Chapter 6c: One week vacation

The week has come to an end unfortunately. And what a great week it was. There’s nothing I can enjoy more then spending time with my 2 lovely ladies and the fact that I can do that most of the time in my naked butt, makes it even more perfect. So here’s the final part of chapter 6, with a view of our Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I hope you enjoy. 


Our Friday started pretty lazy. And even though we had big plans, not much of it came through. It was around 4pm when we started our work on my daughters new room. Before that it wasn’t more then playing with my daughter in the living room or hanging like a zombie on the couch. It became very clear that we didn’t had enough rest this week by planning so much in so little time. 

The first plan was that I would cut the floor to it’s right size and that Santana would work on the white basket closet. But it became pretty clear that I simply didn’t have the patience for floorcutting. I have to admit that I’m pretty much a noob when it comes to build stuff around the house. Electricity or furniture is no problem, but when it comes to floors, walls, etc I really have no clue what I’m doing. So we switched pretty quick after starting on the room. 

We put the Minnie Mouse bed together the next day, so all major things are done now. All that’s left is some small paint jobs, new curtains, a lamp and some decorations. But we save that for later. 

So after the room was done, we had some dinner, took a shower and brought my daughter to bed. Then it was time for relaxation before we went to bed. Friday had come to an end. 


Our biggest plan for Saturday was to have no plans at all. And we even managed to screw that up aswell. While the original plan was to stay at home and not get dressed the complete day, it changed pretty quick when Santana’s brother gave us a call if it was okay if he and his girlfriend would come over. And off course we said yes. 

So about half an hour before their arrival, we got dressed and made some coffee. We talked for a while and her brother and I measured the front garden. He’s going to do both of our gardens so we told him our wishes and he showed what was possible. After that we went into town to get some good winter shoes for my daughter and some last groceries for my famous macaroni. 

There also was a photographer in town doing some baby shoots. And because the little boy never had a photo shoot, his mother and Santana’s brother decided to do one. My daughter was allowed to feature in some of them aswell. We all can’t wait for the results, which will be shown in two weeks. We went back home and I started on the cooking. After dinner they left and we brought my daughter to bed. 


Sunday, the last day of our vacation. And we ended that vacation in style by visiting a naturist swimming afternoon in a place called Wervershoof. And well, what can I say? 

It was…. 

…you’ll read all about that in my next blog later this week. 

Thanks for following us this week. I hope you all enjoyed. ❤️