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Wait… You’re a what?

Because I wasn’t raised with naturism, it felt logical to me to tell my friends and family. Now I do understand that I’m in a lucky position where I have people around me that aren’t narrow minded. I also know naturists that can’t ” come out ” because of religious reasons or because of their work for instance. For me naturism stands for freedom. Not being able to say you’re naturist doesn’t sound free to me. 

I told my parents first after my first encounter with naturism. Their reactions weren’t the same but they were respectful. All my parents ever wanted was to see their children happy and if naturism makes me happy, they’re happy. My mom is the kind of person that thinks the naked human body is for yourself and for your partner. I disagree but I respect her statement. My dad is easier. He also joined me to a sauna once and he’s more open minded. My brother and sister are okay with it. My sister has the same story as my mom, my brother visits saunas himself. So all four of them know and the only thing they have in common is that they said: ” as long as you’re dressed when I visit you, I’m cool with it. ” So yeah, my girlfriend and I are naked when we are at home, but when we know someone is going to visit we make sure we are dressed before they arrive. 

Now some of you would say, ” it’s your house, why are you getting dressed? “, well that’s because I like having people over. Also naturism is about respect. I respect how they look at it and if I would stay naked, for me it would feel like I’m forcing my life style to them and I’m not planning on doing that. The rest of my family heard it from others or didn’t find out till years later. 

My friends were cool about it. The majority said that it was not for them but they were happy that I was happy. A small part of my friends joined me to the nude beach or Flevonatuur and they liked it. Now I wouldn’t call them naturists, they don’t walk around naked when they are at home or visit the beaches by themselves, but when I ask to join, they usually come. So yes, I’m very lucky to have people around me that are standing in life with an open mind. 

I’m very open about it. I wear my shirts at work so everyone knows without even telling them. And if they don’t see me, they have already seen my naturist bumpersticker on the back of my car. I’m working in transport, I’m an international truck driver. It’s a very open environment where, when you tell you’re naturist, they’re not ignoring you. They do make jokes about it of course, but that has more to do with their insecurity then with me being open about it. At least that’s how I look at it. Usually I’m away from home 5 or 6 days a week. So not very much time to get undressed and enjoy life as it’s intended. But usually when I’m done working, I strip off, place a towel on my chair and enjoy the last sun of that day. Also on a lot of ferries there is a sauna and/or a jacuzzi so I’m not complaining. 

I met my girlfriend on Badoo. On badoo you have an option to make a private photo album which can only be seen with clearance from me. That’s where I placed my naturist lifestyle photos. People could see in my profile I was a naturist. Some of them ended the conversation because of it, some of them were interested and asked questions. When I trusted them I allowed them to watch the photo album. My girlfriend was one of those people and even though she mentioned very clear it wasn’t something for her, she wouldn’t mind if her partner was. And I didn’t mind if my partner wasn’t. For both of us mutual respect was more important then that. The conversations between us were very natural and trusted from the beginning. It’s like we knew each other for years but just didn’t talk in a while. Within a week we met in real life and it was love at first sight. She was very heavy in the past. And that weight, together with a boyfriend that reminded her of that weight instead of telling her what a wonderful person she is, made her very insecure about herself. She had a wrong body image about herself and didn’t realize that she truly is a beautiful woman. After breaking up with him and being sick for a while she lost a lot at weight. Still, she didn’t see that she was beautiful. Body acceptance wasn’t something she had. Until she met me. I overwhelmed her with compliments on a daily base. And not because I felt I needed to do that. But because I meant what I said. That, together with my enthusiasm about naturism, made that she undressed at my place within the first 3 weeks of our relationship. She felt more and more comfortable with her body and with being naked around someone else. Now, getting undressed is the first thing she does when she closes my front door. I turned my partner in to naturism without being aware I was turning her around. 

If your partner isn’t in to naturism while you are, communicate about it with each other. If you’re not in to naturism but your partner is… Communicate. And most of all listen, understand and respect. When you truly love someone it shouldn’t matter. Love isn’t about wanting to change the other in yourself. It also   isn’t about forcing your partner to not be themselves. Those things could lead to a break up and you should really ask yourself if that is worth it. Communication is the key to a happy life. Even if it’s about the smallest things. Make sure there is the smallest amount of negative energy in your life. And make sure there’s no negative energy in your house at all. Your home should be a safe haven where you can be yourself. Not being able to do that, because a partner doesn’t understand you…. It’s no life for me. Think about this. I know a lot of you are struggling with this, but being open, honest and acceptable makes life a lot better. 



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  1. This is a very good Blog and exactly many of the things you mentioned I have gone through. Many of my friends know I am a naturist as many from my family. Even though I don’t shy away from telling those I meet or during a conversation no one has turned me away. At this point though I am still unsure of posting anything through Facebook (nothing explicit, as it would be removed) just day to day thoughts. My main concern for not advertising on Facebook is my husband. He is not a naturist and although he allows me the freedom of being clothes free at home or when I meet my naturist group for a swim or event I have to think of what my revelation to the Facebook community that we share our lives on. Thank you for posting this. Hopefully, one day my situation will change to be totally free! Fabien

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