Santana's POV at life

Falling in love with a naturist…

I asked my girlfriend Santana how it was for her, to fall in love with a naturist guy while she had never thought of doing naturism herself. Here is her story, in her own words. Uncut. Enjoy. 

I met Harmen on a dating app called Badoo. We talked about everything, like things we like to do. In the app, there’s an option to have private photos. I asked Harmen if I could see them. He gave me access almost instantly. I opened the map and couldn’t believe my eyes. I saw Harmen…. Naked! ( most of these pics are used in my first blog: How naturism changed my life ) I didn’t expect these kind of photos and didn’t know how to react. Sure he mentioned a few times his love for naturism, but blue as I was, I wasn’t expecting those kind of photos on his Badoo profile. 

While watching at his photos, my respect for him grew. I told him this immediately. I said it wasn’t something I would do myself, but that I had big respect about the way he opened up towards other people about his lifestyle and how he shared his lifestyle so openly. We started our conversation about naturism. Now I’m the kind of person that appreciates people for who they are. I’m not judging someone because their ” different ” from other people. Harmen told me that he was promoting naturism a lot. And by doing that he had to show what naturism was really about. So that was his explanation for the nude photos. He mentioned an example that made it very clear for me instantly. He said: ” It’s hard to tell people how great Coca Cola is, when you’re wearing a Pepsi shirt. ” The same goes for telling people what naturism is about. So that’s how he told me how he discovered naturism and why he liked it so much. 

And even though I had nothing at all with naturism, this didn’t stop me from meeting him in real life. A few days later, must’ve been around 8pm, I send him a message if he would like me to come over. First he thought I was joking, but when I told him that I wasn’t joking he said that he would like to meet me in real life. So I stepped in to the car and drove to Emmeloord ( 1,5 hour drive ), where he lives. We talked and talked and even though I mentioned several times I wasn’t making it very late, it became 3 am before I went back home. When I got home, I couldn’t sleep immediately. I was still talking with Harmen and I had a very good feeling about it. My feelings for Harmen were getting stronger every day and we dated a view times more. 

It was March 30 of 2016 when we decided to share our feelings for each other and make it official. We got into a relationship together. That day is still one of the best days of my life. I didn’t care Harmen was a naturist and let him do his thing. He loved being naked when he was at home so I let him be himself. Within a week my curiosity was growing though, so at one day I took my clothes off and sat next to him on the couch. From the moment I was sitting I felt liberated and free. No tight or twisted cloths. Nothing. Harmen looked at me and he was so proud. He asked me how I felt sitting on a couch like this and I said it didn’t bother me at all. Actually it was a pretty nice feeling. I asked him questions about naturism which he answered immediately in a very clear way. I asked him if he could take me to Flevonatuur once. He looked at me and couldn’t believe his ears. He asked me if I really meant it because he would love showing that place and the atmosphere over there to me. 

We didn’t wait very long, so two weeks later we went to Flevonatuur. I was pretty calm and relaxed. Not knowing what to expect. The only things I knew, was that there were naked people and a swimming pool. I decided that I wouldn’t make myself crazy with ideas of what it could be like so I jumped in. Letting it all happen. Once we arrived at the parc, we were walking towards the swimming pool and Harmen asked me how I felt and if I really wanted to do this. Which I answered with a big fat yes because I can’t judge it without trying it first myself. While we were walking to the swimming pool we were passing some people already and even though it didn’t scare me I couldn’t help thinking why they were sitting on a bike naked. Doesn’t that hurt I asked myself. I let it go and kept walking. When we arrived at the swimming pool we took our shoes off. We walked thru a door and there was my first scare. There weren’t any cabins to get undressed! I expected a lot, but one thing I didn’t expect was that there was one big room where everybody, young or old, male or female, was getting undressed. Even though it surprised me that much, I accepted it and got undressed. We walked to the pool and put our bags at some chairs. Harmen asked me if I was feeling comfortable and if I wanted to go for a swim. 

From the moment I stepped in to the pool area I felt relaxed. Nobody was staring or scanning my body. So I decided to go for a swim with him. We took a shower to get the dirt off and walked in to the water. While swimming it didn’t feel any different for me then from when I was swimming in my bikini. And since I love swimming, I loved and enjoyed this aswell. After swimming for a while we decided to go for a smoke. Then we went swimming some more and stayed in the sauna for a while. After that we decided to leave, since it was already pretty late when we arrived at the parc. It was around diner time when we left and while walking to the car Harmen asked me several times what I thought of it. He saw I felt comfortable and told me I had nothing to be ashamed of. I really had a nice time that day. 

Since that day, we visited Flevonatuur many times more. We even went there when it was Natupop ( it’s a naturist festival that’s once a year ), which was pretty cool to do. I’ve had never seen this many naked people together. And one thing I noticed that everybody treats eachother like they would like to be treated themselves. Everybody respects eachother and helps someone out where needed. We even had a drink at some people we met on Facebook. The conversations were getting very trusted and it felt like we knew them for 10 years already. Amazing!

I try to visit Harmen once a week when he’s working in the Netherlands. And when the weather is good we visit a nude beach nearby. Just enjoying our time together in our naked butts. I didn’t mind being naked anymore and because Harmen told me many times how beautiful I was and that I had nothing to be ashamed of, the naturist inside me was awaken. Now I love it to be naked and I even let Harmen take nude pictures of me to share with the world. Actually, most of the time it’s me bringing up the idea to go to a nude beach. I never thought I would do this, knowing I told him in the beginning I had so much respect for him how he was doing what he did, but that it wasn’t something I would do. Luckily my curiosity was bigger then my shame. I’m happy I’m a naturist and I’m not going back to my old life. As long as it’s with Harmen because I can’t see myself doing this on my own for now. 

I hope you guys liked reading how I became a naturist. Once again it’s very clear that you shouldn’t judge someone before you tried it yourself. Thank you ❤️. 

This was Santana’s story of how she fell in love with a naturist and became a naturist herself. We hope you enjoyed. 

My POV at life

3rd visit Hoek van Holland: The confrontation

Last week, on the 25th of July, we went back to nude beach Hoek van Holland for the 3rd time. Hoping for a better experience then the visit before, we packed our towels and drove towards the beach. 

Once we arrived the clock already reached 8pm. But since it was 30 degrees Celsius the complete day, it still didn’t cool down. Only the sun wouldn’t be up for much longer. We found a place in the middle of the beach and even though it was 8 in the evening there were still around 20 people present. 

We decided to go for a swim while the sun was still there. At first we thought the water was colder then last time, but we quickly realized that wasn’t the case. The temperature on the beach was warmer then last time so the water felt colder but it wasn’t at all. Because it was a long workday that day and we sweat a lot due the heat, we stayed in the water for 20 minutes. Then we decided to go back, have a smoke and make some pictures for the blog. 

I scanned the beach looking for couples like last time, but luckily there were none. I relaxed and enjoyed my time with Santana. After a while she had the feeling that a guy, that was sitting on his own, was staring at her. She asked me to check discrete if her feeling was correct but every time I looked in his direction I couldn’t see anything. We decided to go for another swim and quickly forgot about him. 

When we returned at our towels, the feeling of being watched returned at Santana. I checked again for a several times and it became very clear that this guy wasn’t very discrete anymore as before. You could clearly see him staring at her while touching his penis. And not one time. Not two times. But almost the complete time. It became very annoying but we tried to ignore it. While the sun was slowly going down we saw him stand up, clean his body from sand and while doing that, one part of his body tried to reach to the sky. After he was sand free he walked towards the dunes where he stayed for a pretty long time. I went back for a swim while Santana was sitting at the shore waiting for me. 

We returned at our spot and the guy still wasn’t back. A couple that was sitting behind us also disappeared while their stuff was still there. These strange actions of people around us, plus the gay kamasutra couple from last time, forced us to make a decision… This would be our last time at Hoek van Holland. We just didn’t feel relaxed and comfortable anymore. And while we wanted to stay until the sun was completely down, we had a feeling we would probably leave earlier then that. 

After a view minutes the couple that was sitting behind us returned back from the dunes. Laughing out loud and clearly drunk they cleaned their private areas. 10 minutes later the other guy returned from the dunes. It was very clearly that he did what he had to do and we were hoping the staring would stop. It didn’t… From the second he sat back on his towel, the staring and touching started again. I was getting more annoyed and at a certain point I even was getting mad. Why are people doing this, I asked myself. 

I reached the point that I was sick of it and so did Santana. We decided to leave. And what a coincidence… The guy also decided to leave. While before we decided to leave, there was no sign at all that he had plans to leave. Now I’m not a violence guy, so I’m not the person that would hit him in the face or anything. Also Santana panics when she’s around a fight and I didn’t want to risk something happening like that to her. I did however decided to say something about his behavior. I slowed down getting dressed so he would be finished before us. Stupid as he is he decided to walk past us. When he was only 1 meter away from us I opened my mouth. I said that he should keep his sexual needs at home and that he had no right to spy my girlfriend and masturbate publicly while doing that. He began to stutter and acted like he didn’t understand what I was talking about. Which made me even more mad. 

He knew exactly what I was talking about and was looking for an escape of this awkward conversation. While I was rambling on about what a freak he was he slowly walked further. I warned him that if he ever would do it again he would end up in the hospital. Which surprised even me because I’m not a threatening guy. I think this clearly showed how mad he made me. I called him a sheepfucker and told him to leave. Amazingly he understood Dutch very clear when I said that and he started spitting in the sand. Must be an insult in his culture I think. 

So after this experience and the experience from earlier that week, we made the decision to never ever return back to Hoek van Holland nude beach. Luckily there are a lot of nude beaches in the Netherlands so we will try out a new one as soon as we have the chance. But this really hurt my naturist heart. I hope this will never happen to you guys because it really ruins a lot for you. Only good thing that came out of this is knowing I actually do have the balls to confront pervs like this guy. Something I never thought of myself. 

Talk to you guys soon. ❤️

Oh yeah, thanks for voting on the poll. You guys are the people that read my blogs, so your opinion really matters to me. 

It’s August 30 today. The day Santana and I are 5 months together. I love you babe. Today, tomorrow, forever. ❤️💋❤️


Diary of a home naturist

Chapter 2: Goodbye Nexus 

This weekend was a sad weekend. 3 years ago my ex girlfriend and I got a Rottweiler puppy named Nexus. After we broke up in June last year we decided to keep him and make the same arrangements for him as for our daughter. Now one year later, it became very clear that he can’t find peace in two different houses. So we decided to look for a good place for him which we found in Germany. He’s moving to people that have 40 years of experience with Rottweilers. Also they have a few more, so he has some new play buddy’s. We’re sure we made the right decision. Since my complete weekend was based around Nexus these last two days, it won’t be a big blog today but a photo compilation of the dog I love so much. 

Tomorrow I’ll talk about our third visit to Hoek van Holland. See you guys soon. ❤️

My POV at life

Flevonatuur. My favorite naturist resort 

I mentioned the name Flevonatuur several times in my blog. And this isn’t without a reason. For me, Flevonatuur is one of the 3 places I feel like home. The other 2 are my actual home and my truck, where I spent most of my days. 

Let’s start from the beginning. Like I mentioned before, my first experience with naturism and social nudity was at Flevonatuur with a good friend. I also said she was like a second mom to me. What I didn’t say, was that she was married at the time I met her. The reason I didn’t told you guys before, is because her husband Mario, died several months later to cancer. Within 3 months he lost his battle to this horrible disease. Now Mario was like a second father to me. He didn’t only taught me how to be a truck driver, the first company I worked for was the one he worked at, he also taught me how to behave towards people, how to treat women in the most respectful way, how to have self respect and how to enjoy every day of my life. Of course these are things most of us learned by their own parents. For me it wasn’t any different. I have big respect for my own parents. But the way he expressed it, was a way I had never seen before. He died January 2008. Leaving a wife and son of 14 behind. 

These 2 people introduced me to naturism and taught me to be a better man at the same time. Which I’m thankful for every day since. 

Over the last 10 years that I’m naturist I visited Flevonatuur a lot. If I had the possibility, I would jump in my car and drive to it. I met a lot of people that became very good trusted friends. They are still in my life. One of them is Andre. I met him in an online chat room and it quickly became very clear we had a lot in common. We were both naturists, both truckers and both very known with Flevonatuur. And eventhough he’s 14 years older then me, we can talk about everything and laugh about the most stupid things you can think of. We had some miscommunication in the beginning which resulted in some months not talking, but we found eachother back anyhow. Now we see eachother at a regularly base at Flevonatuur, at home or at work, because since February of this year we work for the same company. Together with my girlfriend and his cousin Benjamin we visited Flevonatuur many times, including the naturist music festival Natupop that’s once a year. 

In the 10 years that I’m naturist I talked with a lot of people about this way of living. Some of them were naturists aswell, others visited saunas on a regular base and never thought about visiting a naturist resort. Others never thought about naturism at all. I managed to convince a big majority of these people to join me to Flevonatuur to see what it is. If there are any Dutch naturists reading this… If you want to let people know what naturism is really about, take them to Flevonatuur. It really gives a good image and most of the people I brought there, came back. 

Last year a good friend, Renate, was joining me in the truck for a week. Here in Europe the laws for truckers are pretty strict. Especially when it comes to working hours and driving hours. It was somewhere in the middle of that week that I reached the maximum of my driving hours of that day. Luckily for us, we were close to Flevonatuur. I asked her if she would mind to take a naked swim and maybe enjoy some sauna time. Since she visited nude beaches when she was younger, she was known with social nudity. So she didn’t mind. I parked my truck outside the resort on the parking lot. It was around 5 pm, the swimming pool and sauna are open till late in the evening. So we had a very nice evening to look forward to. It was her first time at a naturist resort, but she liked Flevonatuur pretty fast. I’m sure she’ll join us again very soon to enjoy the sun in the nude at Flevonatuur. 

Ever since I’m a naturist, I knew I wanted to use this way of living while raising my future kids. My first child, a daughter named Hanne, was born July 23rd of last year. And eventhough I’m not together with the mother anymore, I still believe naturism can be very good for a child while growing up. It will teach them everyone is the same. It will teach them values and respect. It will give them a healthy body image aswell. 

Future problems like ” how can I be myself when she has friends over?” or like ” will she still enjoy naturism when she hits puberty and gets crushed under shame and group pressure? ” are problems I intend to ignore for a very long time. And not only because I don’t want to think about it, but also because if I don’t ask these questions to myself, maybe she won’t either. For now it’s still without any problems because she’s only 13 months old. Her first visit to Flevonatuur was when she was only 8 months old and she loved it. Well she actually loves being in the water and she loves attention. 2 things a baby can get while visiting Flevonatuur. 

I’m sure she’ll join me many times more in the future. 

When I met my girlfriend, I talked a lot about naturism, what it meant to me and what Flevonatuur was like. And eventhough she said in our very first conversations, that naturism was nothing for her, it didn’t take very long to get to the point where she asked me if I wanted to take her to Flevonatuur. Her interest was awaken and she wanted to know what this special place was. 

So it was April 23rd when she made her first footsteps at Flevonatuur. She seemed very calm to me. Something she confirmed later that day. Sure, it was all new for her and she had never seen this many naked people together. Or the fact that there weren’t any cabins to undress. But she noticed pretty fast that nobody was staring weird at her or judging her. Exactly like I told her many times before. She saw the effect Flevonatuur has on me and loved to see me enjoying it. She made up her mind. She wanted to visit Flevonatuur again. So we did. Several times. I showed her what Natupop was like. 

It’s a festival that’s once a year. Held on the island in the middle of Flevonatuur, close the swimming pool. There are several bands, clothed by the way, with various music styles. Most of them are coverbands or folk/bluegrass kind of bands. There’s a small market where you can buy stuff or get a massage. There’s a bar and a snack corner aswell. I’ve been there twice so far, 2014 and 2016. Natupop 2014 I visited with Andre. 2016 I went with my girlfriend Santana, Andre and his cousin Benjamin. We had a blast and quickly decided to do it again next year. 

If you’re ever visiting the Netherlands, make sure to visit this magical place. I know some grumpy people will say this is the cheapest way of advertising, but it isn’t. All stories told in this blog are written by my own experiences. All people mentioned in this stories mean the world to me. And I’m sure I even forgot to mention a lot more. Maybe I’ll come back to it later, but for now you guys know what my favorite place is. 

Talk to you tomorrow ❤️


My POV at life

2nd visit Hoek van Holland… Public sex?!?

Yesterday was the second time we got the chance to visit nude beach Hoek van Holland. And summer 2016 really started yesterday with temperatures around 30 degrees Celsius. We arrived at the beach around 6 pm and we knew, with this kind of temperatures, there would be way more people then last time. Excited as we were to take our clothes of, we took our stuff, locked the car and started walking. 

When we entered the nude beach area, it was very clear that our expectations were a fact. There were around 30,40 people. Mainly men and couples, but from all ages and nationalities. We found a nice spot in the middle of the beach, close to the sea and got undressed. The sun was still pretty warm so after we had a smoke and some cherry cola we decided to go for a swim. We thought the water would be freezing cold, because last week the weather wasn’t that great at all. But it was actually a pretty nice temperature. 

The water isn’t deep for a very long time, so it took some walking in the water before we could swim without hitting the bottom with our feet. But once completely in the water, we felt that wonderful feeling of freedom we all know so well. After 15,20 minutes of swimming we decided to catch some last warm sunshine while it was still there. And that wasn’t a bad decision because you could feel immediately that the sun wasn’t as strong as when we arrived. That’s how quick it can go here in the Netherlands. 

While we were taking some selfies we looked at the dunes behind us. And if we wanted or not, we were witness of how 2 guys were having sex with eachother right at the border of beach and dunes. Now we know a lot of people like to have sex outdoors. And that’s okay. But please people, do it somewhere where nobody can see you. Even if it was a straight couple, we don’t need to see this. This also doesn’t help with nudity acceptance. People that are new to social nudity will scare the shit out of it. And not to mention that families with kids are passing by aswell. It took at least half an hour before they were so smart to hide their actions behind 2 umbrellas. But in that half an hour we could witness at least 20 chapters of the kamasutra. Have some respect for the people around you. 

People were actually leaving because of it and I can’t blame them. We, however, decided to stay. Simply because we don’t have a lot opportunities to enjoy our free time naked together. We turned around and enjoyed the sun again. After a while we noticed we were pretty much covered with sand all over so it was back in to the sea for us. Water was still a lovely temperature but the air above was cooling down while the sun was slowly going to bed. We went back to the our spot to get us self dry before the sun was completely under. 

Once dry, we slowly got dressed ( don’t you just hate doing that? ) and walked back to the car. While walking in the dunes we saw a beautiful sundown that we couldn’t resist to look at. Because we were getting hungry, we continued our walk, got in the car and drove to a place called Vlaardingen. We had some mcDonalds and then we went to an old childhood friend of my girlfriend. Stayed there for about an hour drinking coffee and talking. Then we went back to the company I work at, where we had a lovely warm shower together before we went back to the truck. A lovely Tuesday had come to an end. Can’t wait to see what today will bring. 

Talk to you tomorrow. ❤️

Public announcement

Twitter Q & A review 

As you can see in the picture above, 96% of the people that voted on my poll said they wanted me to do a Q&A on Twitter. I mentioned last Monday that questions could be entered yesterday, Tuesday, 23rd of August. You guys could ask the questions, I would answer them in a video next weekend. From that 96% that voted yes, only 2 people actually asked me something for the Q&A. If I would answer them in a video, it would’ve been the shortest Q&A video I’ve ever seen. So I decided to answer them here. 

No, I actually had almost no resistance at all. Except for some copyright issues with some designs ( they were removed from the shops I own ), nobody tried to stop me or put me in a bad light. To be honest, most reactions were very positive. Some even think I can really make a difference with the things I do. Others wanted to work with me to achieve our goal: more acceptance and common knowledge about naturism. 

I have one favorite resort and it has been my favorite for 10 years now. It’s a park I mentioned in a lot of my blogs: Flevonatuur. It’s a very addictive place simply because of the people that work there, the people that are visiting Flevonatuur, the nature around it and the pure relaxation you can enjoy there. 

A place I would very much like to visit is Moulin de Chez Joyeux in France. This is an adult only Table d’hôte, which means you can join them at the table for diner. The fact that it’s a place where children and pets aren’t aloud, gives me the idea that it’s an ideal place to empty your head without any destruction whatsoever. It’s owned by Dutch couple Bouwe and Tessa de Jong so I won’t have any difficulties with the language aswell. My girlfriend and I are planning to visit it next year. Probably with a good friend of us named Paul. 

This were the only 2 questions that were asked for the Q&A. If I ever do a poll for a Q&A in the future and your not planning to ask a question, then please vote no instead of yes. Because when the percentage was this high at the end I made some preparations for the upcoming video and made some room in my schedule. Now it turned out to be all for nothing and that was a bit of a downer. 

Anyhow, I’m a positive guy, so I already left it behind me. I hope you’ll enjoy today’s blog, which will be posted in a few hours. I’m off to bed now. Enjoy your Wednesday y’all. ❤️

My POV at life

Visiting nude beach Twiske

It was July 19 of this year when I loaded my truck for a company in Zaandam. This is a big city close to Amsterdam. I knew the unloading was for the next morning so I asked my girlfriend if she wanted to come over for a few hours. 

Close to that town there is recreation lake called Twiske. It has a small nude beach aswell and since the weather was perfect, we decided to give it a look. After a short 20 minute drive we arrived at Twiske. It’s paid parking but in exchange for that you get one of the cleanest beaches I’ve ever seen. Once you enter Twiske, it’s still a 10 till 15 minute slow drive towards the nude beach because it’s all the way in the back. 

We parked the car, took our towels and started walking towards a small island in the lake, only accessible by a small bridge. We were happy to see we weren’t the only people there like our visit to Hoek van Holland. I think that evening there were at least 6 people, it was in the evening again so I’m guessing there would’ve been way more in the daytime. The island has a toilet building, which always is nice to have close by. For the rest the north side of the island had bushes and trees. The south side has a big field of grass, followed by a send beach. We found a nice spot in the grass where still some sunlight was and got undressed. 

We sat down, talked a bit, had a smoke and then we decided to go for a swim. Now, the temperature of the water was nice. But on the bottom of the lake there were a lot of plants which made it difficult to walk. Also the water isn’t very deep, so going for a nice dive can cause some problems, especially with all the plants. Any how, we stayed in the water for a small 15 minutes and then walked back to our spot. Almost at the same time we sat down, a small scooter arrived at the island with 2 guys and a dog on it. They said they were from around that area but never knew there was a nude beach. We still doubt that but who cares right? 

While one of the guys was playing fetch with his dog, the other guy started a conversation with us. First he asked a light for his joint and then he started talking about how he usually drives a motorcycle but it broke down. And that he burned himself on the exhaust. He kept talking and talking and you could see the marijuana was doing what it was supposed to do. He even talked that much, that he had to ask for a light a couple of times more, simply because he forgot to smoke his joint. 

And even though it wasn’t the evening we had in mind (Spending some time together ), we really had a great time at nude beach Twiske. Mainly because of the nice people over there. Because my girlfriend had to make a 2 hour drive, we said goodbye, took our clothes on and went back to my truck. Another nude beach was explored.