My POV at life

How naturism changed my life.

After being bullied for a small 14 years during my youth and a slow process of finding and accepting myself, plus a wide interest in a lot of things, I came across naturism 10 years ago. A lot of things naturism is about, like respect people, animals & nature were one of the main reasons. I knew it was practiced mostly in the nude, but since I already accepted myself for who I was at that time, the being nude wasn’t really a problem for me.


So I jumped right in and joined a very good friend, which is also naturist and a second mom to me, to naturist resort Flevonatuur in the Netherlands. From the first second I arrived there it felt like home coming and my missing puzzle piece was found.

My interest in naturism grew and developed a lot these last 10 years, but not only that changed a lot. I think the biggest change in my life was my point of view at life. We are living in an era where time is money and money and status is more important then people. People that need help are left behind, people that don’t need help are overwhelmed with stuff they don’t need but also don’t decline. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a people person, I love people and I’m interested in them. The real them. It’s just the way people act these days what annoys me. The negativity and hate that’s in them lately. Open a news website and read the comments at stories that have the subject immigration for instance. So much hate to people they don’t know, they don’t know their story, their history, their motivation nothing. They just spill their guts on social media without even thinking or reading what they’re saying. I blame modern media for the most part of this by spreading fear and false information. But that’s no excuse for turning of your brain and just typ the most negative things you can think of.

In the end it’s all about giving and receiving respect. I always ask myself the question, can you look in the mirror before you go to bed and say ( and believe ) that you’re a good person? The problem with this is, that the majority of the people don’t like themselves. They don’t like their job, they don’t like their family and friends and most of all they don’t love themselves. Instead of making a change they just keep going on and on like this for years and keep building up that negative vibe they’re in.

When you look at naturists, there’s a lot of respect between them. They don’t judge people by what they represent but by who they are. And even then it’s not really judging. Live and let live. They literally know everyone is the same because there’s nothing they can hide. Not even theirselves cuz when you’re at a naturist resort or a nude beach, yourself is all you have to offer. There’s no rich or poor, no success or fails. But there is a Paul or a Jenny, a Rick or a Samantha. There are just persons. Real persons. Living persons. With a suit named skin. And that skin, no matter what color it is, is the same for everyone and everywhere. A female nipple isn’t any different then a male nipple, tho male nipples are accepted in public while female nipples aren’t. I talked with a lot of people about that, male and female, and the majority of the people that are against public female nipples give as reason that ” it’s sexual “. Well no it isn’t. They’re put there for a reason, feeding your children. And yes I know it’s an erogenous zone aswell but so are ears. You wanna cover up ears aswell? The point I’m trying to make is that the world isn’t as black and white as you might think.

I’m posting this and as you probably already noticed you can see my butt ( funny fact: did you know my butt is made out of the same cells and materials as the rest of my body? It’s really true, look it up ). Facebook is a very strange medium. ( Sidenote: When I wrote this it was a Facebook post first ) You can post violence, wars, blood, animal cruelty, filthy words, etc. but what you can’t post is skin that usually is covered up. Pictures of breastfeeding were removed and called ” sexual content “. This is the world we live in today. It’s okay to show which awful things are taking our lives, but it’s not okay what kept us alive the first most important period of our life.

I’m not asking you to agree with me, I’m only asking you to love yourself for who you are. I’m not saying I never made a mistake or that I know what’s best for you. I’m human, surely I do make mistakes and I don’t have the wisdom to say how you should live your life. What I do know, is how you could make it easier for yourself on this big planet and more enjoyable. We’re at a moment where the world needs more love and what a great way to achieve that in the first place by loving yourself. Also I’m asking you to think before you speak, especially on social media. I know the anonymity makes it easier to say things you would say offline but that doesn’t justify it.

Don’t judge people before you talked with them. Or even better, don’t judge them at all. Embrace your body, it’s the only one you got. Don’t like your job? Switch jobs. Don’t like your friends? Make new ones. I know it sounds very easy. It’s not. But when you do it, it’ll make your life so much easier. We’re born without judgement. Without hate. Without shame. These are all things that are taught to us. Only question you have to ask yourself is do I really wanna spent my time on earth trying to live other people’s lives or do I wanna live my own life before it’s over. So step outside that box and make a change. For yourself, for your surrounding and for the sake of this world. It’s the world we leave behind for our kids. Don’t let them pay for our stupid mistakes and narrow thinking. There’s more inside you then you think. Embrace it, don’t care what other people will think or say because in the end you’ll see that it doesn’t matter what others think about you. It’s about what you think about yourself.

Love yourself like I love myself. I know you can do it.

Thank you ❤️

Public announcement

Health update Harmen

Today we got the official confirmation that I’m diagnosed with Crohn’s disease. This is something that can’t be cured, only controlled with the use of medication and some drastic life changes. From what I was told I have a pretty heavy form of it so I have to change a lot of things that I’m used to do for years. I have to stop smoking, change the way I eat and what I eat, take medication and take more rest ( sleeping hours ). Also there is a chance I have to go to the hospital some times or in the worst case, get an operation. Luckily I’m still able to do my job, the medication I’m going to use is allowed in traffic. 

And even though this will stay the rest of my life an ongoing thing, which will effect not only me, but also santana, we are thinking very positive about our future. As you all know we are both very optimistic people and focus on the things we can still do in combination with this disease, instead of looking at the offers we have to bring. 

I announced this earlier today on our twitter and the reactions were overwhelming. It’s great to see so much love from our followers, a lot of them follow us for years now, some of them just a few days, but the love and the message you’ve all send out to us was the same and very welcome. That’s why I like to say to all of you, that even though I will have to bring a lot of offers to find a way to live with Crohn, I won’t stop with fighting for the future of naturism worldwide. I won’t stop fighting for a better self image of any insecure people and I won’t stop fighting for more spreading of love, faith and joy. We keep on blogging for you in the future, we keep making comics for you and we keep listening to your questions, doubts or issues. Because the support you guys give us is really giving us a lot of strength and love which is hard to put in to words. Just take me for my word that we really appreciate it from the bottom of our hearts. 

Thanks for all the support, interest and loving messages. Talk to you guys soon ❤️. 

My POV at life

Our short, but lovely, first visit to nude beach ” Ellerstrand “. 

Well… apparently there’s a nude beach close to our home. And I didn’t even know! It only takes a short 30 minute drive to the beach, 15 minutes faster then a visit to naturist resort Flevonatuur. 

It was over 30 degrees Celsius this Saturday and I had to work all day. It’s really frustrating to work on hot days like that, especially when you see other people enjoying the sun with their loved ones. Santana did some research and discovered that there was a nude beach nearby and suggested we would visit it if I didn’t come home too late. We checked some reviews and they weren’t all very positive, but because we really needed to enjoy the sun without clothes and our garden isn’t ready for that ( it’s a real big mess at the moment ), we decided to go. It couldn’t get any worse like the things we saw on the beach in Hoek van Holland right?

I arrived at home around 6 pm, so after a quick bite we packed our things and drove off to the unknown. It was indeed a 30 minute drive and looking at the cars, parked next to the street, there would be a nice amount of visitors. For a beach that’s not at sea it’s a pretty Long Beach. We first tried to find a nice place close to the water, but there were a lot of mosquitos there so we moved to another spot more to the left. We were sitting 10 meters from a group of people, men and women, that were having a little barbecue. Because we didn’t want to intrude, we simply did our thing and kept our distance. 

But 5 or 10 minutes later 2 people from their group came to us to take a look. We quickly found out that it’s very rare to see some young people on this beach. They all disappeared these last few years. Something you see a lot on Dutch nude beaches unfortunately. We kept talking and discovered that this group is coming here for years. Some of them even 30 years! It’s a group of eleven people from different ages. The oldest one was 82, a very lovely man, the youngest one was somewhere begin 30. The man and woman that visited us were a couple and they invited us to the group. But they would understand if we didn’t because we just arrived and Jaxson also was with us. After about 15 minutes we packed our things and walked towards them. We got a warm welcome from all of them and they all started talking all at once, simply because they don’t see a lot of new people on this beach, especially young people. They kept offering food from the barbecue, but because we just ate we had to decline it every time. We did accept a cool drink however, because it was still warm. 

They told us they all came from different places but that some of them come here every day. In the years it became a real close group of friends that simply enjoy life they way it’s supposed to be. We mentioned the reviews on the internet and they told us those things happened sometimes but on another part of the beach. The part where we were sitting was left alone by pervs and other people with wrong intentions. It also was the first nude beach we visited where they had a toilet and a shower, something you don’t see very often. After a while it was cooling down and we decided to go home, with the promise that we would come back pretty soon and then for a full day. So to be continued. 

Talk to you guys soon ❤️

My POV at life


Hundreds or maybe even thousands of years ago there was an amazing invention made by Mother Nature herself. Breasts. With this new feature women were able to feed their new born children so they wouldn’t starve to death. Humanity was excited worldwide. Finally they were saved from an awful future image where human beings would extinct. Finally they found a way to feed their children so they could grow up and see the world. What a wonderful time was that. Mothers all around the globe were feeding their children every possible moment of the day. At home, when they were outside aswell. Even when they were in the middle of their village with other women while their men were hunting for food. 

But then one day, I remember it like it was yesterday, everything changed. One of the husbands got sick and he and his wife went to the local medicine man. After a long session, what cost them a total price of 3 chickens, a goose and a sunflower ( which was very expensive in that time ) the medicine man told the husband to drink some mother milk 3 times a day as a cure. Off course they were a bit surprised. Isn’t mothermilk for babies, is what they asked themselves. But hey, who’s gonna doubt anything a medicine man says. And especially for that price! So they went home and tried it out the next day. 

While drinking the milk, something was happening with the husband behind his leaf. He was getting excited. A lot. And not because of the milk. But because of the breast. He told all his friends about it and they also tried it out with the same result. The world would never be the same since that accidental discovery. 


Because since that day people have been sexualizing women breasts on a daily base. Companies, websites and a lot of other people use that sexualizing of breasts to make a lot of money. What people are forgetting however, is what breasts are really made for. Feeding babies. And people are so brainwashed today that it’s almost impossible to feed your baby outside of your own home. People get mad at mothers if they are feeding their baby in public. Tell them to leave. Tell them to cover it up. Did they really forget that they’re alive because they got food the same way when they were a baby? How is it possible that the most natural thing in the world, breastfeeding, has become a taboo? Especially in a world where some of the most dangerous people are world leaders, where children are blown up at a concert, where people are still starving of hunger, where racism, slavery, child abuse and all other bad stuff still exists? How is it possible that in a world like that, breastfeeding is the real danger for the majority of people? Did I really miss a memo about that? I guess some of the Indians in the jungle did. Because there they still know what breasts are made for. There it’s possible to feed your child without any issue. They even respect the mother for doing it. They’re thankful for life and celebrate life. I hope they will never get the memo that it’s a bad thing. Because they are still honoring the invention from Mother Nature for what it’s made for. 

Day in, day out. 


Talk to you guys soon ❤️. 

Our loving thoughts go out to all the innocent victims and their families of the tragic event in Manchester. Stay strong Britain. 

Diary of a home naturist

Chapter 12: Our first two weeks with Jaxson

Tomorrow Jaxson will be two weeks old. It has been two very special but also very exhausting weeks, with nothing else but beautiful moments. Unfortunately not two weeks where we can live and express the lifestyle we love so much, simply because of all the visits at our home and all the other stuff that have to be taken care of, but it’s really all worth it. 

As you all read in my previous blog the birth itself went perfect. Santana gave everything she had and within 13 minutes of pushing a healthy Jaxson saw the world outside his safe place. The feelings running thru my body of joy, happiness and relieve were exactly the same as when my daughter was born. Also the fact that Santana’s mom stayed with us all day, was very special and heart warming for us. And we’re very thankful for that. 

Because Santana gave birth in the hospital and my daughter was at home with my mom, I didn’t stay with Santana and Jaxson in the hospital but spend the night at home. Also because I had a doctor appointment for my own health the next morning. But when all of that was done my daughter, my mom and I went to the hospital to pick them up. It was the first time my daughter would see her little brother and it was love at first sight. And she showed that love to him the rest of the remaining two weeks that she was with us. I’m so proud of how she’s handling this life changing situation, I have no words for it. No signs of being jealous, no signs of not liking the baby, nothing. It’s baby this, baby that for her. Hugging him every day. Giving him kisses. Helping him with his first bath. Sharing her toys and stuffed animals. Never knew that a child, that hasn’t even reached the age of two yet, could express so much love towards a new human being. Beautiful. 

I would also like to mention that we really appreciate all the loving reactions we got from family, friends and a large group of followers online. The love, respect and kind words you all share with us is overwhelming and very welcome. It’s nice to know there are so much wonderful people worldwide being happy for us. 

And again I have to mention how proud I am of how Santana is handling her new responsibility as a mom. It’s all going so natural for her. I haven’t sensed any insecurity or fear. She just does it like she is doing it for years. And we’re also very blessed that the breastfeeding is going very well. Jaxson is drinking very good and the milk production is also doing great. This week her flask device arrived so I’m also able to feed Jaxson now. Which will result in some more night rest for Santana, who’s making shorter nights then me at the moment. 

All and all two wonderful weeks, which is a good sign for the future. There are also some new updates about my health. From the blood and poop investigations there were no alarming signals. None to be exact. Tomorrow they’re looking inside with a camera to figure out something more hopefully. Results of that investigation will come in June 6th. Sooner when it’s alarming. Last couple of days eating is going better and there is no more throwing up. So we’re both guessing it was just a bunch of stress but we will see what the results will tell in June. Off course I’m keeping you guys updated. 

Talk to you guys soon ❤️

My POV at life

My month of silence explained

Hey everyone. That’s been a while since I’ve last spoken to you. I feel an obligation to you guys to explain why. 

One of the reasons is that I was almost having a burn out from all that’s going on in our life at the moment. The extra responsibility at work, where I still have to find myself in, the pregnancy of Santana, some official paperwork that had to be done in a small amount of time and a body that’s giving a lot of issues lately made that I almost reached that burnout. Enough reasons to concentrate on those things and keep the blog and the comics at a minimum. 

What I meant about my body is health related. Having a heavy stomach ache for six weeks, combined with diarea and throwing up made me lose 13,5 kg of body weight in less then 4 weeks. Since I’m not really a big fan of doctors I kept stalling my visits to them. But because I did that my health kept getting worse with the result that Santana was worrying more and more. Eventually she didn’t give me any other chance ,with the help of my parents, to finally visit the doctor. And he wasn’t happy at all with my behavior. He gave me some medicines to give my stomach some rest and said I had to visit an internist. The medicines however didn’t work perfect and two days later I was still throwing up, this time combined with blood. Going back to the doctor where they checked my blood and gave me some other medicines. They also said I had to plan the appointment with the internist as soon as possible. I visited him yesterday and after listening to my complaints they took 4 tubes of blood and some poo. The results of the blood will be given tomorrow. 

And then there was the pregnancy. The last 1,5 week of it Santana felt last movement in her belly. We went to the hospital where they checked the activity from the baby and his heart rate. They checked it for 45 minutes and even though there wasn’t a lot of activity, they trusted it enough to let her go home. But 2 days later we were back with the same worries. This time they connected her two hours to the machine to get a clear view of the situation. They also decided to take over the complete care, with the result that giving birth at home was not done anymore. 

Also after that second visit they told us to come everyday to the hospital, just to be safe everything is okay with the baby. In the meantime Santana passed her expectation date so we made an appointment with the gynecologist to insert a balloon on may 1st to get her body to work. Ironically on that day her pains started at 4am. Later that morning we were at the hospital and it was a fact that she would be giving birth on that day. 

The pains were getting worse and worse and because we were both exhausted from all the stress of the issues I mentioned earlier Santana couldn’t take it anymore and requested pain medication. She was still at 4 centimeter so that wasn’t an issue at all. Within the hour she couldn’t feel anymore pain. It was all going very slow until she reached 7 centimeters. After that the last 3 centimeters came faster than we all enticipated. When she reached 10 centimeters, she was ready to give birth and got immediately clearance to push. 13 minutes later our beautiful son Jaxson was born at 9:33 pm. 

Santana and Jaxson are doing very well. They came home the next day. That was also the day that my daughter saw Jaxson for the first time. She’s very sweet for him and I’m so enormous proud of her. 

The next couple of weeks I’m enjoying my free time with my family till the moment I have to get back to work. Until that moment there will be no new blogs or comics. Simply because I want to enjoy every second of it. I hope you all respect that decision. Next time I will also give a new update about my own health issues. 

Take care y’all and we’ll talk soon ❤️

My POV at life

An ode to love

Some of you might find the text below a bit juicy or unneeded. But for me it’s necessary to share it public. So think what you want, because I’m going to write it anyway haha. 

Today is march 30 2017. The day that Santana and I are officially a couple for one year. And it was a year full of love. Santana, this is for you:

The moment I met you was true love at first sight. It feltimmediately like I known you for years. We had phone calls that lasted hours. There was nothing holding us back, there were no walls, just plain blind trust. You told me everything about your history and I told mine. We were at our happiest when we were together and missed eachother within 5 minutes when we weren’t together. 

In the very early beginning you got pretty sick and I stayed by your sight that whole night. For you this was a sign we were sitting on something special. You started experiencing naturism this year, something you never saw yourself doing, and you loved it. Now one year later you’re promoting it by my side. 

We both got a loving family in love which goes very well. My family accepted and trusted you pretty quick and your family did the same vice versa. Also a lot of our loving friends appreciate and respect what we build up this last year. 

And off course there were some downsides like not getting your school diploma twice and the heart problems of your father. I know these things are going thru your mind and that it worries you. But you also know that we can make everything happen as long as we’re together. 

You joined me in the truck several times and respect my work and how I feel about it. Also when the company asked me to be a mentor driver next to my normal work, you supported me and convinced me that i could carry that responsibility. And when it comes to support, you truly are the best. Like the accident last week. The adrenaline got less the day after and reality kicked in. Very hard. You saw the mental pain I was experiencing and comforted me instantly. You kept an eye on me the entire week and also supported me when I decided to call the company where the guy from the van was working to get some questions answered. I couldn’t have got thru that week without you and I thank you for that. 

And of course the crown on our relation: our pregnancy. Just a few more weeks and we can see, touch and kiss our newborn. Our child. The combo of our blood, our love. All and all this was a very special year that went by very fast. It also was the first year of many to come. 

I love you during the day

I love you during the night 

I love you every second 24/7

It never stops

It only grows

My love for you ❤