My POV at life

How naturism changed my life.

After being bullied for a small 14 years during my youth and a slow process of finding and accepting myself, plus a wide interest in a lot of things, I came across naturism 10 years ago. A lot of things naturism is about, like respect people, animals & nature were one of the main reasons. I knew it was practiced mostly in the nude, but since I already accepted myself for who I was at that time, the being nude wasn’t really a problem for me.


So I jumped right in and joined a very good friend, which is also naturist and a second mom to me, to naturist resort Flevonatuur in the Netherlands. From the first second I arrived there it felt like home coming and my missing puzzle piece was found.

My interest in naturism grew and developed a lot these last 10 years, but not only that changed a lot. I think the biggest change in my life was my point of view at life. We are living in an era where time is money and money and status is more important then people. People that need help are left behind, people that don’t need help are overwhelmed with stuff they don’t need but also don’t decline. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a people person, I love people and I’m interested in them. The real them. It’s just the way people act these days what annoys me. The negativity and hate that’s in them lately. Open a news website and read the comments at stories that have the subject immigration for instance. So much hate to people they don’t know, they don’t know their story, their history, their motivation nothing. They just spill their guts on social media without even thinking or reading what they’re saying. I blame modern media for the most part of this by spreading fear and false information. But that’s no excuse for turning of your brain and just typ the most negative things you can think of.

In the end it’s all about giving and receiving respect. I always ask myself the question, can you look in the mirror before you go to bed and say ( and believe ) that you’re a good person? The problem with this is, that the majority of the people don’t like themselves. They don’t like their job, they don’t like their family and friends and most of all they don’t love themselves. Instead of making a change they just keep going on and on like this for years and keep building up that negative vibe they’re in.

When you look at naturists, there’s a lot of respect between them. They don’t judge people by what they represent but by who they are. And even then it’s not really judging. Live and let live. They literally know everyone is the same because there’s nothing they can hide. Not even theirselves cuz when you’re at a naturist resort or a nude beach, yourself is all you have to offer. There’s no rich or poor, no success or fails. But there is a Paul or a Jenny, a Rick or a Samantha. There are just persons. Real persons. Living persons. With a suit named skin. And that skin, no matter what color it is, is the same for everyone and everywhere. A female nipple isn’t any different then a male nipple, tho male nipples are accepted in public while female nipples aren’t. I talked with a lot of people about that, male and female, and the majority of the people that are against public female nipples give as reason that ” it’s sexual “. Well no it isn’t. They’re put there for a reason, feeding your children. And yes I know it’s an erogenous zone aswell but so are ears. You wanna cover up ears aswell? The point I’m trying to make is that the world isn’t as black and white as you might think.

I’m posting this and as you probably already noticed you can see my butt ( funny fact: did you know my butt is made out of the same cells and materials as the rest of my body? It’s really true, look it up ). Facebook is a very strange medium. ( Sidenote: When I wrote this it was a Facebook post first ) You can post violence, wars, blood, animal cruelty, filthy words, etc. but what you can’t post is skin that usually is covered up. Pictures of breastfeeding were removed and called ” sexual content “. This is the world we live in today. It’s okay to show which awful things are taking our lives, but it’s not okay what kept us alive the first most important period of our life.

I’m not asking you to agree with me, I’m only asking you to love yourself for who you are. I’m not saying I never made a mistake or that I know what’s best for you. I’m human, surely I do make mistakes and I don’t have the wisdom to say how you should live your life. What I do know, is how you could make it easier for yourself on this big planet and more enjoyable. We’re at a moment where the world needs more love and what a great way to achieve that in the first place by loving yourself. Also I’m asking you to think before you speak, especially on social media. I know the anonymity makes it easier to say things you would say offline but that doesn’t justify it.

Don’t judge people before you talked with them. Or even better, don’t judge them at all. Embrace your body, it’s the only one you got. Don’t like your job? Switch jobs. Don’t like your friends? Make new ones. I know it sounds very easy. It’s not. But when you do it, it’ll make your life so much easier. We’re born without judgement. Without hate. Without shame. These are all things that are taught to us. Only question you have to ask yourself is do I really wanna spent my time on earth trying to live other people’s lives or do I wanna live my own life before it’s over. So step outside that box and make a change. For yourself, for your surrounding and for the sake of this world. It’s the world we leave behind for our kids. Don’t let them pay for our stupid mistakes and narrow thinking. There’s more inside you then you think. Embrace it, don’t care what other people will think or say because in the end you’ll see that it doesn’t matter what others think about you. It’s about what you think about yourself.

Love yourself like I love myself. I know you can do it.

Thank you ❤️

Diary of a home naturist

Chapter 14: Getting used to the new situation…

Yes guys, we’re still alive. Sorry for being so quiet the last couple of weeks. As most of you already know, my new job started this month. And well, I have to say that even though I love my new job, I had some issues with the new situation.

Because you have to realize this: I’ve been an international truck driver for at least 10,5 years. That’s 10,5 years being on my own for 5 or 6 days a week. And now, with the new job and all, I’m having people around me on a daily base. And not only at work but also at home. Don’t get me wrong, I love my family more than anything in the world, but I really had a hard time adjusting. But it’s coming and it’s getting better and better. Luckily I have the best girlfriend on the planet, who supports me no matter what.

But this new situation ( and the way it made me feel in the beginning ) was also the reason and start of a writers block. I even thought about quitting completely with Bare Thoughts and my other Dutch blog Open & Bloot. And also a little winter depression and the fact that we had a miscarriage two weeks ago didn’t really put me in the mood to write.

So yeah, a lot has happened and it wasn’t all good things. So if you were hoping for a happy-nude-life-chapter I’m sorry to disappoint you. I guess it just means that we are normal people aswell, all with our own life struggles. But we’re also the kind of people that stand positive in life with a bright look at the future, so I’m sure good times will come back and obviously will be shared with you, the people that follow us for such a long time. I hope you all understand now, because some of you were already messaging me if everything was okay because of the long silence. We’re fine, we just need more sunshine and more temperatures above 20 degrees Celsius haha.

Talk to you guys soon ❤️. And thanks for all your support and kind messages. We really appreciate it. You guys are the best!

Public announcement

A life changing decision. What does that mean for BareThoughts? #ChannelUpdate

Hey guys, it’s been awhile since there has been some news around this blog, but a lot of things have happened in our personal life and obviously this will affect Bare Thoughts aswell. In this update I’ll try to explain why and what is going to happen with this channel in 2018 but also in these last few weeks of 2017. If, after reading this, you still got questions, feel free to ask them, I’m happy to reply to you all.

It all starts with one of the biggest decisions in my life: I’m quitting the international truckerslife. I’ve done it for 11 years now and I love it a lot, but lately my body is telling me that it’s enough. The switching working hours, long days, stress and food are taking it’s toll, especially since I have Crohn’s disease and my energy is really going down the drain. Luckily I found a company where I can work steady hours and max 5 days a week. Also a big plus: I’ll be home every day so more time with the family. The new job will still be on the road, you can’t get me of the road that easy, but more close by and no more sleeping in the truck. We as a family are very happy with the decision I made.

But what does this exactly mean for Bare Thoughts? Well, I can say that there will be some changes. The new job, that will start in December, is nightshifts. I start around 1am and will be finished around 11:30am. This means a lot of naked time at home in the sun you would think. And partial that’s true. But in the time at home I also have to sleep at daytime and also take care of little Jaxson when Santana is working. But that I will be having more natural naked time than the last 11 years is a fact. And yes, I want to share that with you. You as a diehard reader or you as a textile who’s interested in a new way of life. So that won’t change. actually, as things are looking like they are right now, I want to concentrate more on the home naturist diary.

So instead of making it a weekend diary, I’m thinking of making it a week diary. How I’m going to do that is still work in progress but I can assure that the diary will be back, more detailed and more regular. To show you all how normal naturism at home can be.

And then there is our online comic. As you already noticed, it isn’t as regular as we hoped it would be. First the struggles with technical issues and now lack of time and inspiration, made us decide to stop the online comic immediately. The Facebookpage where the four episodes can be found aswell, will be removed December 31st. Here at WordPress the comics that are already up, will stay online. But there won’t be any new ones as of today. I regret it a lot, that it didn’t go the way I thought about it when I started it, but I’m man enough to accept my failures and I consider this as a failure. So sorry for that. I hope the episodes we made gave you enough joy for the time being.

So yeah that’s about it. 2018 will mostly be about our life as a home naturist. Of course we will also write about other stuff like beaches, naturism in general and body confidence. We hope you’ll still stay with us and if you’re new: Welcome!

Lovely greetings from Harmen & Santana ❤️

My POV at life

“I’m having a lot of medical issues, can I still join or practice the world of naturism?”

Well, to answer your question quickly: Yes you can! Thanks for reading my blog and see you next time. No just kidding, yes you can practice naturism when you’re having medical issues. Or should I say we can practice naturism while having medical issues? Because, as most of you already know, I’m having issues myself aswell since this year. In June of this year I was diagnosed with the chronic Crohn’s disease. Did that stop me from being a naturist? No it hasn’t.

It did change some things though.

And I’m not talking about medication. Because at the moment I’m not taking any medication. This can change in the near future. They inform me about that later this month. No I’m talking about all the things around it. Watching what I eat, making sure I’m having enough rest and sleep. And a lot more unannounced visits to the toilet. Another side effect of my disease is the risk of getting a fistula. And because I already had one, they decided to remove it last September. The fistula was right at the place where your butt crack begins, not a very comfortable spot. Not very hygienic aswell. And because I’m a truck driver and I’m sitting most of the day, they gave me the advice to stay at home for at least 2 weeks. It became 3,5 weeks in total because when I started working after 2 weeks, the wound ripped open while cleaning it.

But what does this mean when it comes to practicing naturism? For myself it changed the way I’m searching new recreational locations. Before my diagnose I was mostly looking if there was enough to do for ourselves and the kids. Now first thing I’m looking at, is if there is a toilet around the area. I’m also taking food from home instead of on the road or at the location. Just to be sure. So I guess you could say I’m preparing more in advance. And when it comes to the fistula operation? I had to wear underwear all the time I was at home because of the stuff that came out of the wound. So no happy naked time for 3,5 weeks. But I’m pain free now and that’s way more important.

But enough about me. The title of this blog was if you could join or practice naturism when you’re having medical issues. And yes you can. Depending on what it is of course. A good friend of mine really wanted to try it out with us, but because she has lupus and is advised to avoid direct contact with the sun, makes it a very limited experience for her. Limited, not impossible. Because when it comes to naturism, nothing is impossible. And you’re always welcome. Most terrains are already wheelchair-proof. There’s always a large changing room and toilet so enough room to make yourself ready for a nice day next to the pool. And don’t be afraid to ask someone for help or information. Naturists are known for being very helpful and respectful. And especially that respect is what makes you feel welcome in the world of naturism.

And not only when you’re in a wheelchair or when you have a chronic disease like I do. Even when you’re having a catheter or colostomy bag, amputated arms, legs, breasts, scars, burn wounds, you’re welcome as the beautiful unique individual that you are. We won’t judge, we won’t laugh. We may ask questions, but that’s just natural curiosity that we invest in the people around us. Love naturism and love yourself, like we love you.

And do it with the people you love. You’re not alone.

Talk to you guys soon. ❤️

Santana's POV at life

I introduced my bff Mandy to naturism

It’s been a while, but Santana is back with a new story. We hope you enjoy!

Curiosity will always win from fear.

When Harmen and I were still in the beginning of our relationship I told my friends and family about him being a naturist. After a while I also became a naturist and we started with the blogs later that year. With that being said, my friend Mandy started asking questions about it. I always answered them with full honesty and I could really sense her curiosity. She even joked about joining me to our favorite naturist resort Flevonatuur. Untill yesterday…

She was spending the night at our place because we didn’t see each other in a while. Harmen also had a chance to sleep at home so we had a great night with lots of talks and laughs with the three of us. At one moment we were standing in the backyard talking about what we could do today. Mandy suggested swimming and I answered that I had never visited the local pool here. And then, out of the blue, she suggested to go to Flevonatuur. I was totally flabbergasted and asked her if she was kidding. She said that she was too curious and therefor her suggestion was serious. I totally didn’t expect that, but okay, we would go swimming at Flevonatuur. Harmen and I both thought she would back down but she didn’t, so thumbs up for that.

It was a bit after that lunch that we packed our things and started on our car trip towards Flevonatuur. Even in the car I asked her several times if she was sure, but she gave no notice of having second doubts. So I asked her what her expectations were, but she really had no idea and would just jump in and experience the moment itself. Almost the same like my first time with Harmen. Once we arrived at Flevonatuur we already saw the first naturists of the day on our way towards the pool. Mandy walked around like she was a visitor for years and didn’t show any fear. Actually, when we arrived at the pool, she was even faster with undressing than I was haha. I also had to undress Jaxson but before that was finished she was already waiting butt naked behind us. We found two comfortable chairs and placed our stuff there. Straight after that we took a nice shower and entered the swimming pool for a nice swim. She said she expected it to be different. She expected that everyone would look at her, but instead she discovered that she was the one looking around to make sure nobody was looking at her. But after a while she became more calm and really started enjoying the swimming without any clothing.

Because the water wasn’t the warmest temperature you could think of, it became a bit cold for Jaxson to stay in the water so we returned to our spot and settled down on our chairs. We were both getting a bit hungry so we decided to go to the restaurant. Mandy asked if it was allowed to be nude in the restaurant aswell and I said that it was okay, as long as you bring a towel to sit on because of hygiene. She decided to keep the towel around her, which is okay obviously and after a nice lunch we went back to our spot and relax a bit. I breastfed Jaxson, we talked a bit and then decided to go back home, also because after arriving at our place she still had a long car trip to her own home.

After we got dressed we walked back to the car. On our way to the car we came across someone on a bicycle. She said it was the first time she saw a naked person on a bike and thought it was funny but also very normal for people that live a naturist lifestyle. Later in the car we made a small review of the day.

She told me that she simply wanted to experience it, mainly because Harmen and I are so open and positive about it. She was so curious and really wanted to see what it was. She also said that she liked it but that it would probably be a once in a lifetime thing for her. Swimming with clothes on, or keeping clothes on in general was more her thing. That’s her opinion and we totally respect that of course. I do however think it’s really sweet of her to try it at least, to know how I live my life. That’s what true friends are for.

Sweety, Harmen and I are amazingly proud of you. Thanks for trying it out and being open minded about it. It was a lovely experience.

Mandy indeed made very clear that it’ll be nothing more for her than this day. But she’s glad she did it and we are glad that she’ll have a better opinion about our lifestyle now, simply by trying it out. Live and let live.

Diary of a home naturist

Chapter 13: The best weekend of our life, our first mini-vacation together! #ClothingOptional

Wow people, what an amazing weekend did we have. As I mentioned in an earlier blog, we visited the island Vlieland. And even though we thought weather would be crap ( it was when we left our home ), we actually had sun all weekend! 

We arrived around 8.30am at the port of Harlingen and 30 minutes later the ferry left main land behind us. It’s about a 1,5 hour trip with the ferry to Vlieland. Because our hotel was only 1,5 kilometer from the port of Vlieland, we decided to walk instead of renting some bicycles. Our feet regret that decision very much haha. We walked a lot this weekend. Well… a lot for us, people that don’t walk a lot. But I’m very sure that we walked at least 20 kilometers this weekend. 


Anyhow, we arrived at the hotel and even though check-in usually is around 3 pm, we had the luxury to enter our room immediately. Because this weekend was for just the two of us and no kids were with us, Santana had to collect her breastmilk, otherwise her breasts would explode! Luckily the people at the hotel were nice enough to offer her some room in the fridge to keep it fresh enough to bring home for Jaxson. So thumbs up for that. 

When that was done and all our stuff was in the hotel room we decided to go to the beach. We read on the internet that public nudity is allowed on all beaches on Vlieland with the exception of the secured area between beach pole 50 and 51. All the rest of the beaches is clothing optional so that’s awesome! We found a nice quiet spot in the area of beach pole 52 and even though we were the only 2 people that went naked ( with the exception of people changing in to swimming clothes and vice versa ), nobody made an issue of it. Nobody laughed, nobody said anything, nobody cared actually. Why couldn’t it be like this everywhere is what we asked ourselves. We did however get robbed on the beach though. Someone stole my bag of Doritos. We call him Sjaak and his picture is right here. If you are Sjaak, or know Sjaak, please report him to the local authorities. 

How is that possible you ask? Well, Santana had a very creative idea. She wanted to collect sand and shells from the beach. With all that she would make a nice souvenir at home. So after we put some sand in two little bags, we left our spot for the search for shells. And right at the moment that I decided to go back because we had enough shells, Sjaak took his chance and grabbed the Doritos from the bag that we forgot to close. 

We witnessed it and couldn’t do anything about it lol. Luckily he didn’t damage Santana her phone, that was in the bag aswell. Oh well, wise lesson learned. After enough beach time we packed our things and walked back to the hotel… with a small detour for some new Doritos. 

When we got back at the hotel Santana started collecting milk again, which was a lot after that long time on the beach, in the meantime I took a shower. When Santana also had a shower and we both got dressed, we went back in to town to get something to eat. We decided to go to the only pizzeria on the island. Unfortunately it wasn’t one of the best ones we visited in our lives. And because my pizza had a lot of grease on it, it directly started flirting with my Crohn’s disease. So after a long ( and just in time ) toilet visit back in the hotel everything went back to normal luckily. That’s when you realize that diseases like Crohn’s don’t go on vacation. More reason to watch my food even more then I already did. 

The next morning we had a walk towards the island’s lighthouse. Not the most beautiful one I’ve seen, but it’s just something that you do when you visit an island. Well… at least when I visit an island. After that, we did some groceries and had something to drink at one of the local restaurants. 

After that we visited the local museum where you can find a lot of history about the island, stuff that’s found on the island, including this massive whale, you can stroke some small sharks and stingrays and they had an extra exhibition about the island during WWII. We both love museums like this, so we had the time of our life. The planning was to go on another activity after the museum ( watching seals on the coastline with a special off-road truck ), but unfortunately we were at the wrong place so we couldn’t make it in time. Because we paid in advance and it was our last day on the island, I contacted the company that organizes these trips. They didn’t do refunds, but we can use the tickets on our next visit. 

So instead of doing that, we had some unexpected time for ourselves. And because we were a bit disappointed by our own mistake and because our feet were also getting tired, we decided to get our bags and walk back to the harbor. We had a little snack on our way aswell and when that was done, we walked the last bit. We sat down in the harbor and didn’t move from our spot untill the ferry arrived. A beautiful, loving, romantic weekend came to an end and all that was left of it, was looking at the island while we were leaving the port of Vlieland, towards home. With our hearts filled with new memories and the joy of seeing Jaxson again after 2 days…

Talk to you guys soon ❤️. 

Oh yeah, I said I would do a blog about Natupop, but because of the rain, the temperature and the fact that the music was too loud for the kids, we spend the day at the indoor pool on Flevonatuur. Very lovely day with friends and loved ones, but not enough blog material to make an interesting blog about it. 

My POV at life

Where did that Dutch naturist couple from WordPress go? *Silence explained*

First of all: We are still alive and kicking! It just have been extremely busy lately. As you all know, Jaxson is almost 3 months now. Since 2 weeks he’s able to sleep 12 hours at night so our night rest ( and especially Santana’s night rest ) is slowly coming back. I’m pretty much all day tired because of the Crohn’s disease which is taking a lot of energy. And even though I try to sleep as much as possible and taking some extra vitamins D, the lack of energy and the feeling of being tired is not becoming less. Guess I have to learn to live with it. At least they didn’t see a need ( yet ) to start taking medication because it’s very quiet at the moment. Yayy for that!

So why no blogs you probably ask. Well one reason is that I’m working a lot lately. The only 2-day weekends that I have are the ones when I have my daughter. The other weekends I’m working Saturday or Sunday. When I’m working saturdays I start early the next Monday, when I work Sunday I’m done working late the Friday before. So yeah, not a lot of free time and the time that I have, I like to spend that with my family at the moment. Because of being so tired lately it’s very easy to get some down moments when you’re away from home a lot. And every time I talk to santana or get pictures or videos from her or Jaxson, I just want to go home as fast as possible. It really hits me hard lately, I think you can even call it homesickness, something I’ve never experienced ever before in my life. 

And haring these moments of feeling down, really effects my creativity. The urge to write is very low, the ideas for our online comic even lower. Luckily I still have some existing ideas that will be worked out soon, when the technical issues are solved. So yeah, I guess the real main reason for the lack of being active online is simply the fact that I want to be a lot with my family at the moment. That’s all that matters. But does that mean the end of BareThoughts? In a nutshell? No it doesn’t. We got some great things coming up that I really want to share with you guys. We got Natupop coming up this weekend and the first weekend of August we are visiting the island Vlieland, where it’s allowed to be naked on 80% of the island’s beach. So can’t wait for that! There is also a thing going on lately here in the Netherlands when it comes to people doing sexual things on nudebeaches. Cities and police are working hard to clean up the beaches from people that are doing this by writing high penalties and even send some of them to court. I’ll follow closely and when I think I have enough to write about it, I will. 

Just keep checking our channels once in a while and please respect our choice to spend our small time together. When there is more time to spend on the blog, we will. 

Love you all and talk to you guys soon ❤️