My POV at life

How naturism changed my life.

After being bullied for a small 14 years during my youth and a slow process of finding and accepting myself, plus a wide interest in a lot of things, I came across naturism 10 years ago. A lot of things naturism is about, like respect people, animals & nature were one of the main reasons. I knew it was practiced mostly in the nude, but since I already accepted myself for who I was at that time, the being nude wasn’t really a problem for me.


So I jumped right in and joined a very good friend, which is also naturist and a second mom to me, to naturist resort Flevonatuur in the Netherlands. From the first second I arrived there it felt like home coming and my missing puzzle piece was found.

My interest in naturism grew and developed a lot these last 10 years, but not only that changed a lot. I think the biggest change in my life was my point of view at life. We are living in an era where time is money and money and status is more important then people. People that need help are left behind, people that don’t need help are overwhelmed with stuff they don’t need but also don’t decline. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a people person, I love people and I’m interested in them. The real them. It’s just the way people act these days what annoys me. The negativity and hate that’s in them lately. Open a news website and read the comments at stories that have the subject immigration for instance. So much hate to people they don’t know, they don’t know their story, their history, their motivation nothing. They just spill their guts on social media without even thinking or reading what they’re saying. I blame modern media for the most part of this by spreading fear and false information. But that’s no excuse for turning of your brain and just typ the most negative things you can think of.

In the end it’s all about giving and receiving respect. I always ask myself the question, can you look in the mirror before you go to bed and say ( and believe ) that you’re a good person? The problem with this is, that the majority of the people don’t like themselves. They don’t like their job, they don’t like their family and friends and most of all they don’t love themselves. Instead of making a change they just keep going on and on like this for years and keep building up that negative vibe they’re in.

When you look at naturists, there’s a lot of respect between them. They don’t judge people by what they represent but by who they are. And even then it’s not really judging. Live and let live. They literally know everyone is the same because there’s nothing they can hide. Not even theirselves cuz when you’re at a naturist resort or a nude beach, yourself is all you have to offer. There’s no rich or poor, no success or fails. But there is a Paul or a Jenny, a Rick or a Samantha. There are just persons. Real persons. Living persons. With a suit named skin. And that skin, no matter what color it is, is the same for everyone and everywhere. A female nipple isn’t any different then a male nipple, tho male nipples are accepted in public while female nipples aren’t. I talked with a lot of people about that, male and female, and the majority of the people that are against public female nipples give as reason that ” it’s sexual “. Well no it isn’t. They’re put there for a reason, feeding your children. And yes I know it’s an erogenous zone aswell but so are ears. You wanna cover up ears aswell? The point I’m trying to make is that the world isn’t as black and white as you might think.

I’m posting this and as you probably already noticed you can see my butt ( funny fact: did you know my butt is made out of the same cells and materials as the rest of my body? It’s really true, look it up ). Facebook is a very strange medium. ( Sidenote: When I wrote this it was a Facebook post first ) You can post violence, wars, blood, animal cruelty, filthy words, etc. but what you can’t post is skin that usually is covered up. Pictures of breastfeeding were removed and called ” sexual content “. This is the world we live in today. It’s okay to show which awful things are taking our lives, but it’s not okay what kept us alive the first most important period of our life.

I’m not asking you to agree with me, I’m only asking you to love yourself for who you are. I’m not saying I never made a mistake or that I know what’s best for you. I’m human, surely I do make mistakes and I don’t have the wisdom to say how you should live your life. What I do know, is how you could make it easier for yourself on this big planet and more enjoyable. We’re at a moment where the world needs more love and what a great way to achieve that in the first place by loving yourself. Also I’m asking you to think before you speak, especially on social media. I know the anonymity makes it easier to say things you would say offline but that doesn’t justify it.

Don’t judge people before you talked with them. Or even better, don’t judge them at all. Embrace your body, it’s the only one you got. Don’t like your job? Switch jobs. Don’t like your friends? Make new ones. I know it sounds very easy. It’s not. But when you do it, it’ll make your life so much easier. We’re born without judgement. Without hate. Without shame. These are all things that are taught to us. Only question you have to ask yourself is do I really wanna spent my time on earth trying to live other people’s lives or do I wanna live my own life before it’s over. So step outside that box and make a change. For yourself, for your surrounding and for the sake of this world. It’s the world we leave behind for our kids. Don’t let them pay for our stupid mistakes and narrow thinking. There’s more inside you then you think. Embrace it, don’t care what other people will think or say because in the end you’ll see that it doesn’t matter what others think about you. It’s about what you think about yourself.

Love yourself like I love myself. I know you can do it.

Thank you ❤️

My POV at life

An ode to love

Some of you might find the text below a bit juicy or unneeded. But for me it’s necessary to share it public. So think what you want, because I’m going to write it anyway haha. 

Today is march 30 2017. The day that Santana and I are officially a couple for one year. And it was a year full of love. Santana, this is for you:

The moment I met you was true love at first sight. It feltimmediately like I known you for years. We had phone calls that lasted hours. There was nothing holding us back, there were no walls, just plain blind trust. You told me everything about your history and I told mine. We were at our happiest when we were together and missed eachother within 5 minutes when we weren’t together. 

In the very early beginning you got pretty sick and I stayed by your sight that whole night. For you this was a sign we were sitting on something special. You started experiencing naturism this year, something you never saw yourself doing, and you loved it. Now one year later you’re promoting it by my side. 

We both got a loving family in love which goes very well. My family accepted and trusted you pretty quick and your family did the same vice versa. Also a lot of our loving friends appreciate and respect what we build up this last year. 

And off course there were some downsides like not getting your school diploma twice and the heart problems of your father. I know these things are going thru your mind and that it worries you. But you also know that we can make everything happen as long as we’re together. 

You joined me in the truck several times and respect my work and how I feel about it. Also when the company asked me to be a mentor driver next to my normal work, you supported me and convinced me that i could carry that responsibility. And when it comes to support, you truly are the best. Like the accident last week. The adrenaline got less the day after and reality kicked in. Very hard. You saw the mental pain I was experiencing and comforted me instantly. You kept an eye on me the entire week and also supported me when I decided to call the company where the guy from the van was working to get some questions answered. I couldn’t have got thru that week without you and I thank you for that. 

And of course the crown on our relation: our pregnancy. Just a few more weeks and we can see, touch and kiss our newborn. Our child. The combo of our blood, our love. All and all this was a very special year that went by very fast. It also was the first year of many to come. 

I love you during the day

I love you during the night 

I love you every second 24/7

It never stops

It only grows

My love for you ❤

Diary of a home naturist

Chapter 11: Unexpected ” hero “?

What a week people, what a week. Santana is joining me in the truck for 2,5 weeks and it started off pretty crazy. It all started last Thursday evening with a beautiful trip to France. We left around 7.30 pm, after picking up a pre-loaded trailer and arrived at our first 4 customers in Paris ( they’re all in the same building ). After unloading them we went to the next one 10 km further. After that it was 780 kilometer to our next stop: Marseille. Because we drove all night we had to sleep during the day. Which wasn’t easy with a cabin temperature of 29+ degrees Celsius and an air conditioning that couldn’t work longer dan 2,5 hours. After that the battery voltage was to low and we had to keep the truck running for a while. 

When our break was over, we left around midnight for the left over 3,5 hour trip to Marseille where we arrived around 3.30 am Saturday morning. Customer started at 4 am so we could get some extra sleep which we gratefully took. After unloading that customer we were empty and drove towards Albenga in Italy where we could load plants for Holland in the evening. 

It was a beautiful trip along the French and Italian coastline and because sun was already coming up a bit, we had a lovely view to look at. When I was getting tired halfway, we stopped for an hour of sleep and after that we did the last part, arriving around 9 am Saturday morning. Time to close the curtains again and wait till we were getting a phone call that we could start loading. 

Unfortunately that was later then expected. Instead of the expected 7 or 8 pm it wasn’t until 10.45 pm that we could start loading. Luckily this all went very fast and within the hour we were heading towards Holland.  Now this isn’t just as easy as with a normal car. You have to realize that trucks aren’t allowed to drive on Sunday in countries like Switzerland and Germany ( unless you have fresh food with you, those kind of loads have clearance ). 

So we were forced to take another route thru the Frejus tunnel ( more then 12 km long ) and then thru France, Luxembourg and Belgium. When we arrived at the Frejus tunnel around 3.15 am it was closed till 4 am due maintenance. Great chance to make a 45 minute break. When that was done we kept on driving till there were no more driving hours left and stranded somewhere near Dijon. 

I decided to take an 11 hour break so we started driving again Sunday evening at 9.30 pm, arriving at our customer in holland Monday morning at 6 am. We slept another 3 hours and then started unloading the two customers which were in the same street. Then we went back to bed till 2.30 pm and started working again at 3 pm. We loaded some chicken and then drove towards our company. When we were almost there, it was around 6.45 pm, something strange happened. It’s a pretty big highway ( 4 lanes ). We were driving on the most right lane. And all of a sudden a grey van, that was driving on the most left lane, went full speed to the right, crossing 4 lanes ( without hitting anyone else ), then drove over the emergency lane, thru some bushes and ended up in the water next to the highway creating a wave that was 3 or 4 meters high. I didn’t hesitate and immediately parked the truck on the emergency lane. We were the first ones on the scene ( later we realized that we were the only ones that stopped ) and while I ran towards the van, Santana called the emergency services. 


When I arrived at the van it was laying in the creek as you can see in the picture above. Smoke was coming from under the hood and there was no sign of life at first sight. I opened the passenger door and saw one person in the van. He was snoring while his head was tilted back. I started yelling at him, trying to wake him up. Hit mouth and face was covered in blood. After yelling for like 5 minutes he started choking in his own blood, which woke him up. I started talking to him again and he slowly started noticing me. In the meantime I turned the engine off and tried make contact with him. Holding the door open with my right foot I reached in and unbuckled his seatbelt. I tried to win his trust ( he was very disorientated ) and reached out me hand to him. Luckily he grabbed it at one moment and while holding my hand he climbed out of the van. 

He still was very disorientated and started walking in different directions. Sometimes I called him back, other times I really had to stop him and keep talking to him. Otherwise would’ve walked straight on to the highway where people were still driving full speed ( we were still the only ones at the scene, Santana was waiting in the truck ). When I saw blue flashing lights in the distance I started walking towards the emergency lane to get their attention. And while the fire truck drove past us, a police car noticed us at the last second and stopped. 

They checked if there were other people in the van ( which wasn’t the case ) and started talking with me and driver. He was still very confused and even said that he wasn’t the driver but I was. Also other questions from the police were answered very confused so the ambulance took him to the hospital for further inspection. After the police took my statement of what happened and wrote down my personal information we were allowed to continue our trip. 

All and all a very strange, scary and adrenaline pushing situation. Hope the rest of our 2,5 week together goes a bit more relaxed then this. Happy that the driver is still alive though. Could have ended up way worse. 

Talk to you guys soon ❤

Oh and for your info, the driver had no alcohol in his blood. So he probably fell asleep or something like that. 

Diary of a home naturist

Chapter 10: First real spring weekend

Our time together started on Thursday evening this week. Santana was joining me for a day trip on Friday so she came to the company Thursday evening. 

When we woke up Friday morning, we started loading at a company nearby. It was pretty quiet for a Friday so after we unloaded that freight, we did another one but after that one there was nothing more to do, so they told us to go home and enjoy our weekend. We packed our things, parked the truck and went towards… Flevonatuur! As you all know, our favorite naturist resort. And it was such nice weather, that we just couldn’t resist. It was our first of many visits this year and it was a great one. Nice warm sun, almost no wind, sauna had the right temperature, lovely people around us. We can’t wait to go back. 


On Saturday my daughter arrived around 10 am to spend another weekend with us. And because it was the same weather as Friday, we decided to have a nice walk in the forest near our home. 

After a 40 minute walk we had something to drink and saw that we had some extra time left before a good buddy of mine would come to visit. And since we had never visited the petting zoo in our hometown we got in the car and went to check it out. It was a pretty big petting zoo and it had all the animals that you think of by hearing the word petting zoo. 

Rabbits, cows, pigs, goats, donkeys, you name it. They were all there. My daughter loved it and we loved the fact that she loved it. All and all a lovely weekend. On Sunday we didn’t do much except some work in the garden, a little bit small changes in the new baby bedroom, a lot of GTA and a lot of playing and spending time with my daughter. Also some small preparations for the third comic were made. You’ll see that one in a few weeks from now. 

Talk to you guys soon ❤

Public announcement

Online comic coming soon!

Hey guys. Got some interesting news. Next to our blogs, Santana and I are also working on an online comic. It’ll be short independent stories brought with humor. They will be posted here, on Twitter, on and maybe on Facebook. I hope you guys will enjoy and am looking forward for your feedback. 

Also, in a recent poll on Twitter, it became very clear that the majority wants to see more home naturist diaries this year, so we will be working on that aswell. 

Thank you all for the interest, support, feedback and personal reactions. We really appreciate it. 
Talk to you soon ❤. 

Diary of a home naturist

Chapter 9: Nude gaming & cleaning up the backyard

This weekend started with work. I had one last ride to do before I could go home. I started loading my truck at 00.15 am Saturday morning with vegetables and went for a 2,5 hour drive towards the customer. After unloading and waiting for the documents, I drove the truck home instead of to our company. I arrived in our hometown around 6 am and after Santana picked me up we went back to bed for a few hours. We had an appointment around 1 pm to buy a buggy for my daughter so we took the few hours we had. 

After picking up the buggy, we had a quick coffee at my parents and then went to a baby store to buy some new clothes for the baby. Then we went back home so I could start making dinner. 

When dinner was done we did the dishes together. Had some coffee and then Santana started on the laundry. In the meantime I was starting up my PS4 for some GTA Online with a buddy of mine. A long Saturday came to an end. 

The next day we stayed in bed till 10 am and decided to have a big breakfast with soup and fresh oven baked bread. The planning was to go shopping in the Dutch town Almere all day so a good breakfast was very welcome for both of us. 

After that breakfast we got in our car and went to Almere. Again we bought some new clothes for the baby and 3 new jeans for me. We had a lovely shopping Sunday and it already was after 5 pm when we returned to our car to go back home. 

After returning home I made some ” Chicken Tonight “, we had some coffee afterwards, watched some tv and then went to bed. 

The next day, Monday also was a busy day. We had an appointment at 9.30 am at our place with someone who’s going to help us the first weeks when the baby is born. This is very common and normal in the Netherlands. They do stuff in your house, keep an eye on the baby and the mother and make sure all family members can spend their time together in the most efficient way possible. When that was done I went to pick up a trailer because it really was time to clean up our backyard. Because with all the work we’ve done lately in our house we collected a lot of trash. And while I was doing that, Santana was working on the bedroom door of my daughter to make it more girly. It turned out pretty cool in our opinion. 

After that I decided that it was done for that day. Santana was tired, I was tired aswell. Time to relax and cuddle because the next day I would have to start working again and won’t be back home before Friday evening. Santana made dinner this day and after that we started up the PS4 again to do some stuntraces together in GTA Online. Slowly turning her into a gamer haha. I hope you enjoyed, we did. 

Talk to you guys soon ❤